Progression is a Verb, Baby cakes!



You may not see progress, but if you are working, you are progressing. Progress take assessing and re-assessing. If you truly feel that you are not changing, then adjust.

1) Are you doing all that you can do?
2) Are you measuring yourself, jotting down, weight, measurements, looking at body fat?
3) Did you take a before picture?
4) Is your diet working?
5) Are you stepping it up or are you stagnant?
6) Are you changing your workouts?
7) Are you resting?
8) Do you truly want change?
9) Do you understand that change takes work, consistency?
10) Are you ignoring any negativity from the outside?

These are the things you have to ask yourself.
Todays lunch workout:
Circuit 1:
Single leg squat on a bosu with weights, Barbell upright row, pike push up, hand walkouts 2x
Circuit 2:
Step over bench(front and back), single arm dumbbell row with long weighted bar, y-press, bent over lateral raises 2x
Circuit 3:
Alternating Lunges with plate, Dumbbell incline press 2x

Evening workout:
Gravity class with 20 min. spin, running drills, squats, push ups and pike ab work.

That’s it. Good night folks!

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