You’re cramping my life…

Get those negative people out of your life.  You know the debbie downer’s, the negative nelly’s, the ones that want you to feel bad so that you can feel good.


Well I really want to talk about is cramping… Like real cramps, leg cramps, finger cramps, toe cramps…

Causes of cramping can be several factors.

1.  Your dehydrated.  If you work out a lot, it’s possible you are not drinking enough.  Are you drinking too much coffee.  Try to cut back to one cup.

2.  You are missing magnesium in your diet.  What has magnesium?  Nuts.  Yes my nemesis (see blog Nut Addiction), but get a handful of nuts in your diet.

3.  You need potassium.  Banana’s are very high in potassium, oranges, orange juice, coconut juice…

Also see top ten list of fruits and veggies for potassium:

4. You need calcium.  Dairy products: Milk, Cheese, Yogurt or if your lactose intolerant like myself, there is lactose free milk.

5. Rest!  Your muscles may just be overworked!

Home Remedies which could sound crazy but may work:

1. Drink pickle juice

2.  Place a bar of soap under the covers

Don’t let cramps cramp your style… get your nutrients in!

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