Oz: Fat Wizard?


What’s all the hub bub about? Garcinia Cambogia.  Please read this article.


Dr. Oz is presenting this supplement as a breakthrough in fat loss.

Here’s the idea behind the product:

  1. Burns fat.  (Keep in mind that it the fruit itself contains caffeine)
  2. Unlike other fat burners, this one not only burns fat but blocks the sugar before it gets into your bloodstream
  3. You don’t have to exercise (This idea, in my opinion, whether you are losing weight or not should never be condoned.)
  4. All you have to do is to garcinia cambogia that is over 50% Hydroxycitric Acid

Do I believe in this product?  Not really, but I have to admit it does sound intriguing.  I’ve decided to be a guinea pig.  I will take this product for a total of 2 months, giving it ample time to work.

I’ve started taking this product 2 days ago.  Now, for me who’s already somewhat fit, I’m taking it as an experiment to see if I could lose body fat, to make me look more cut.

I will post my progress and let you know how I do.

This is the product I’ll be taking: Garcinia Lean.

I based this product and it’s purity and reviews that I’ve read on Amazon.com.

I never take fat burners because they make me feel too jittery, but so far, this does not make me feel jittery.  I only drink decaffeinated coffee because I don’t like how coffee dehydrates me.

GCE extract by Garcinia Lean

Here are the ingredients from Amazon.com

As with any product, be sure to check with your doctor.  With Dr. Oz being a national figure, I felt more comfortable trusting his opinion.

Today’s lunch workout:

Circuit 1:

  1. Back lunges with dumbbell biceps 10x each leg
  2. Planks on bosu ball 60 seconds
  3. Slow Squat count 5 seconds down, 5 seconds up 15x
  4. Push press with front lunges
  5. Repeat 3x

Circuit 2:

  1. Push ups with medicine ball, one hand on ball, one hand on floor, switch sides 15
  2. 30 secs exercise bike standing and moving forward and back
  3. Rows with TRX feet straight forward 10x
  4. leg raises 25x
  5. Repeat 3x

Evening workout:

Boxing class, drills, stair hops 3 at a time, bear crawls, bag drills

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