Sprint Mania


I’ve starting sprinting at least once a week. Sprinting is a great way to improve running if you’re a runner, or just your overall stamina.  It also promotes muscle growth and is a natural fat burner without losing muscle.

Here are some variations on how it goes:

What you need is a decent hill.  Find one that you can run in a slow pace totalling about 3 minutes.  When you complete the hill once… it should be exhausting.  That’s the way you know you’ve got the right hill.

Sprint version 1:

Run entire hill at a slow pace (the idea is to complete the hill)  til you get to the top.  Run down the hill.  Do this 10x.  Between each run, stretch your calves and legs.

Now, sprint the hill as fast as you can for 30 seconds.  It should be difficult to run down the hill.  Just walk down for 30 seconds.  Continue 10x.  No breaks.  Your walk is your break.

Sprint version 2:

Run entire hill 5x.  Run down each time. Stretch in between.

Sprint 30 seconds, walk down. then switch running up the entire hill.  Go back to sprinting 30 seconds. Continue until you’ve done each 5x

Run at a level ground for 10 minutes. Stretch.

Sprint version 3:

Run entire hill 5x.  Run down each time. Stretch in between.

Sprint 20 seconds, walk down.  Run entire hill. walk down 2x.  Sprint 20 seconds.  Walk down 2x.

Continue until you’ve sprinted at least 5x.

Run at a level ground for 10 minutes.  Stretch.

On all of these versions, do not skip the entire hill runs and the stretches.  With these sprints these stretches are very important.  Pay attention to your feet.  They should be facing forward, straight so your knees and hips are straight as well.  This is to prevent injury.

Drink a whole liter of water before the run and another one after the run.

More later.

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