Run baby Run! If the hill could only move with me…


This hill, has tormented, challenged, tortured, fought, angered, and tested me every time and I’ve continued to run, sprint, walk and let it define me each and every time… solo, for years.  Now, I’ve got friends for the first time wanting to join me. 

The challenge of having friends with me, especially with my claims, kept me on my toes and tested me in the newest way possible… with competition.  The reality is, I don’t really want competition with other people, because people will always be faster, probably better than me.  You see I’ve got EIA (exercise induced asthma), which is why I started sprinting to begin with.

It has continued to challenge my breathing, and it’s made me stronger, better, defining me.  You see I’ve never let this EIA prevent me from running uphill because EIA does not define me.

As I’ve mentioned once before, you must compete with yourself, your own speed.  Some may have better endurance than you, others, speed, while still others will find that they are not fast at all but just persistent.

If you remember anything about a challenge to yourself, the most important is the persistence part.  To practice, keep at it, keep from getting bored, trying variations.

The second most important thing to remember is to stretch, but not normal static stretching… dynamic stretching.  What’s dynamic stretching?  It’s a series of stretches using movement not static or stretches that you hold.

Here are some examples:

Or if you just want to keep it simple, do some high knees, some high kicks, some butt kicks and small going to large arm circles.  As you may have heard before, static  stretching may actually weaken the muscle. 

Here’s another video with what dynamic stretching that a sprinter would actually use:

As you can see he is also using a series of active stretches to get warmed up.

Happy sprinting!

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