Define Birthday…

ImageBirthday candles, the excuse to eat bad for one day, blown up number of your age ( what most don’t want unless you’re under 30), we count the days, the years of our life.  Why?!!! Because it’s a measurement of where we are at in life, how much time we have left, our mortality, our health, our existence.

“How old are you now?”  I always think, “How dare you?!!! How dare you measure your existence against mine. My life, my time, my existence is MY BUSINESS.  Now, why does this bother me so???  For some people, it is a way that they can judge me, tell me I’m too old for this, or too young for that.  That my measurement, is somehow affecting their own measurement of where they should be at.  That somehow, you’ve one upped me, or whatever I answer will open the door to whatever preconceptions you have about that age…

What else does it symbolize? It symbolizes that…Hell.. I’m important!  I’m healthy, I’m vivacious, and conscious, and that somehow, I have a chance to make a difference, to be significant, to make my mark as a human being that people will read about.  It is the idea that with whatever mistakes I’ve made in the past, that somehow, I can make up for it, fix it mend it, bring about redemption.  I’ve still got that chance.  I’m not done yet, and neither are you.

The sins of our past, the friendships to mend, the wrongs to right, the ability to do some damn good in this life whatever it may be. AMEN. So don’t ask me where I’m at or how old I am, because it’s none of your business. My world, my choices, my chance to live right.

Today’s workout:

Stair master 10 minutes on level 15

Reverse Lunges, 40 sec

Pushups, 45 sec

Pike Pushups, 15x

Walkouts 15x

Squats to jump 15x

One legged Squat to bench each side 10x

Cardio 1 hour:

Boxing bags, mitt work, etc.

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