Visions of Grandeur: The “Before” will become an “After”


Well, my birthday has passed, it’s September and I haven’t lost anymore weight than I was supposed to since I gained it from last Christmas.  Should I call it a failure??? Well yeah!  OF COURSE it’s a failure.  Does that mean I give up? NO.

Months and months went by and my before picture became another before picture….argghhhh!

One thing I did realize is that my previous goal may have been misguided.  Instead of leaning out, I gained muscle in my shoulders and arms.  Is that bad? No not for most people… but for me …my goal is to create a more leaner look.

When I look at previous pictures, I was much leaner years before. My arms were lean not muscular and that’s more the look I’m going for.


Two years ago

So what now?

Well after reading Rusty Moore’s downloadable book “Visual Impact for Women”, I realized that I’ve been sidetracked.  There’s so much out there and you have to be able to identify the look you want.  What I want is a long, lean more “Hollywood” look which is what Rusty would call it.  Thanks Rusty for getting me back on track!

For more info on Rusty:  check out

The fitness world would probably call his blog controversial because most women in the fitness world are looking to have six pack abs, very defined muscles.  This is still extremely admirable and I hold a lot of respect for women who can accomplish this feat.

However, for someone like myself, I am a short 5’3″ with very stocky legs and my goal to elongate my body as much as possible.  So much muscle on me makes me appear stockier, and since I have a small chest, the look is not desirable on me. I look like thick paperweight. Ugh! Now, I know I’m not the only one who wants to look leaner and longer.  Rusty’s popular blogs have proved that, and I’ve been reading and admiring his theories for a long time.

What look do you want? Hollywood lean look or Fitness Model?

I have go for a longer leaner look although I’d like to keep my one only good assets: my butt and my shapely legs.  That being said, I’m excited now to incorporate my new plan.

I will continue my weight training with the same weights, but will continue to lift before failure.  This is the goal so that no muscle growth occurs.  Additionally, I will be adding 2 more days a week H.I.I.T training, followed by 20-30 minutes of cardio 4-5x a week.

For a while, I did cut back my cardio a lot thinking I didn’t need it.  Well if you’re trying to look more muscular you don’t need it as much. Diet-wise, I will continue on with my Warrior Diet, because it fits my lifestyle.  Read up if you need more info on it.

I’ve decided to ignore the trend of getting muscular, and now will be getting sleeker.  I will post pics on my journey.

Wish me luck!

Peace out!

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