On a Blender: Benefits of Mixing it up


I have a great group of friends.  They are all from different backgrounds and ethnicities and we learn a lot about each other.  They make me laugh, and we all met in one exercise class or another…

Damn it! MIX it up!  Yes, I try a lot of things… Zumba, running, boxing, gravity, TRX, kickboxing, aerobics, body pump.  I’ve narrowed it down… and now I know what I like!  Don’t be afraid to try Group X.  What is Group X?  It’s group fitness classes. It’s the perfect learning environment to dip yourself into the fitness world if you are a newbie.   You learn what moves are, burpies, pushups, squat jumps, dead lifts, bicep curls.  On top of that, you’ve got a professional there to guide you, to let you know if you are doing it wrong.  Don’t worry about not being up to speed.  People want to help you!  I’ve seen 60 year olds take boxing and aerobics because they have the mindset that nothing will stop them.  They don’t care if they can do it or not!  They are in there to have fun and to be healthy!

Oh…if the world had no hang ups!  Get rid of your hangups!

Today I was invited to go running with a group of women who I believe is probably out of my league fitness wise.  They were 3 Iron women who’ve done numerous marathons, miles of bike riding and swimming.  They didn’t care if I was different.  I’m an indoor gym junkie… and they are outdoor. I’ve got EIA and they don’t…hahaha…

Anyway, I had a great time with then run walking up the strand, doing the stairs every time we ran into it.   4 sets of stairs, 4x each.  The day was beautiful, I had some great conversation and they said I should join them every week. I think I will!

So here’s the deal.  Do not let other people intimidate you… people want you to join in generally except for jealous people but those dang jealous people are everywhere.  Just avoid them… they suck anyway if they’re gonna give ya that vibe.

Here’s some guidelines:

1) Join a Group X class that you are interested in

2) Learn as much as you can in there

3) Make some like-minded fitness friends

4)  Get motivated and master the class

5)  Be consistent, keep showing up!

6) Stay away from the Haters

7) And most all, don’t be so serious… Have fun!

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