I’m gonna take you out, mama’s gonna take ya out…


Yes it’s true.  I’m singing again.  That’s my favorite past time!  I love singing and writing all at the same time.

I was talking to some people who wanted to get back to working out but hates gyms.  Well if she wasn’t my coworker, I was totally going to take her outside…. I mean not to beat her up or anything but to tell her about the many outside workouts that can be done.

Yeah, that’s me in the middle leading a couple people to do some dynamic workouts before hill sprints.

Many of you have heard about my hill sprints, but I wanted to name a bunch of stuff you could totally do outside, with or without equipment.

  • Walking along the beach
  • Hiking some mountain
  • Bike riding, I know this seems obvious… but just pointing it out!
  • Going out to some set of stairs… they seem to be everywhere outside!  Check it out, by the beach some bleachers, around buildings… you name it!
  • Running (Think of how Rocky’s inspirational transformation… corny but effective!)
  • Doing the circuits at the park, push ups, high knees, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, jump squats.
  • Yoga at the Park (seems to be popular with some Yoga Studios)
  • Take a friend and walk and talk… my favorite pastime
  • Taking your TRX and attaching to a bar at the park.
  • Running from place to place, push ups, squats, and mountain climbers in between.

As you can see you can be very creative!  No more excuses….

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