Ok, Ok already! I admit! I need Professional Help…

Hello Friends,

It’s true… I hate to admit it… but I’ve been wrong about things.  However, that being said… trial and error need to come at your own expense.  In other words, you must experience it yourself to believe that what it is you are doing is wrong.  It’s when the chips are down and you’ve exhausted all possible avenues that you realize that all this time you’ve been spinning your wheels.  Don’t be discouraged.  THIS IS WHAT IT TAKES.  That is, the dedication, the determination, the perseverance comes from the chips being down. 

People wonder where my motivation comes from.  Why do I keep working, and striving for something better, better technique, better performance, a better physique?  It’s an inner drive that comes from accomplishing the goal. It’s not enough.  You need guidance, from the professionals, from the one’s who has not just has reached their goals, but has helped others reach that goal.  Why do you need a coach? WELL, uh, duh.. everyone is built different with different body types that reacts differently… our genetic makeup.

What the H are you talkin’ bout? Uh, fitness, diet, training, of course!

So that’s why I’ve decided to take on John Romaniello’s online fitness coaching. I’m hopeful, but determined.  Wish me luck… Officially starts the 15th of the month. I started a couple weeks sooner, revamping my diet completely to six meals a day with protein, good carbs, veggies, etc. 

I’m doing circuit training, gravity classes, boxing.

Anyway, off to a new journey of being told what to do, instead of just depending on myself.

Hyeah… cheers to the NEW JOURNEY.

Today’s workout:

Squats – 4×12

Back Lunges  – 4×12

front lunges – 4×12

deadlifts 4×12

step ups each leg 3×12

Spinning, gravity and plyos (jump squats, burpes, high knees, stairs run up and down 10x.


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