Did what pray tell?   I survived week 1 of no carbs.  I decided to get people in on it.  Now, I know there will be the sabatogers, the haters, de-railers.  Don’t let those jabbers getcha.  Jab right back, give’m a right punch.  Jab’m in there belly while your at it.  The preparation:

For Office People:

  • Tell them you will no longer be eating the food at the celebrations, the weekly snacks, the birthdays and the like
  • Still join in so that you don’t look like a total outcast.
  • Don’t say you’ll have a little because that will set you up for failure
  • Send them an email letting them know you will no longer be having lunches with anyone and that this is important you

Your Friends:

  • Tell them that you are on a strict diet, and you cannot have lunch with them (they will become accustomed to this)
  • Offer to have a coffee break instead, or go shopping (women)
  • Happy Hour – still attend just don’t eat or drink anything… make sure you eat your food beforehandor order things that within your dietary needs

The Sabatogers:

  • This is where you will have to be strong, be vigilant…learn to always say NO
  • If you have to, just leave
  • Tell them that if they were really your friend, they would respect your diet

What will happen:

  • People will feel guilty regarding their own diet and will TRY to derail you.  Don’t let them!
  • They will get used to you saying no and stop asking
  • You will build a reputation of being on a strict diet, and people will cater to that need

Anyhow, peeps…This will take strength and perseverance but eventually people will get used to it and they will adjust. Even more, you will get used to not eating crap…..

Happy dieting!

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