Don’t knock’m down, bring’m up

richardsimmonsWell Richard the guru of aerobic fitness with all his creativeness had it down pat.  He influenced millions of people to lose weight.  Did he draw attention in his ridiculous outfit?  Yes, plus he got people to move, to exercise.

Has American changed for the better? Unfortunately not.  Even worse America, is heading towards a downward spiral into obesity.  According to the Center of Disease Control, in 2013, childhood obesity has more than doubled in children and tripled in adolescents in the past 30 years.1

What’s changed?  More process foods, less organic whole foods… The technology age is here making kids more sedentary than ever before.

What can we do?  Look at a few suggestions:

1. Play a game of basketball with your kids. (Good for you and them!)

2.  Get rid of unhealthy snacks in the house

3. Enroll them in a class: Karate, Ballet, Dance…

4. Stay away from highly processed foods

5.  Make healthy yummy lunches

6.  Be an example: Make health and exercise important to you and they will naturally be a part of it.

7.  Get rid of all sugary drinks: soda, fruit juices, etc.

8.  Keep healthy snacks around: fresh fruit, veggie trays with hummus.

9.  Start cooking healthy dinners: find healthy cookbooks.

10. Don’t fry, bake. Eat more fish and chicken.

11. Make spending time with them special through activity not food.

Remember, it all stems from us! Healthy us means healthy kids!  Happy dieting !!!


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