Dreams of being Bootylicious

Lately,  I’ve been obsessed with inflating my backside.  That is my booty, my bedonkadonk.  Surgery is NEVER an option.   SO what can a girl do to keep her behind from deflating?

I’ve been reading about Rhianna losing weight, talking to friends, about how losing weight is great but then they get flattened out.  Girls don’t get flat! Get phat (not fat)!  Phat as in … you body needs substance.  How do you do that and be lean at the same time?

Get muscles, baby.  OH yes, I’ve heard it a million times… I don’t want to be muscular.  I just want to be thin, yada, yada, yada.  Now, how do you think… “Baby got back!” ???? I’m here to tell you.

Squats, Back Lunges, Uphill Sprints, The Stairmaster (the right way)

Also, you need more protein.  How many of you are not getting enough protein?

Use this protein calculator by Bodybuilding.com:


A 120 lb woman should be consuming 108-132 grams of protein.  Most women do not consume enough protein to have substance.

Check out Michelle Lewin:


Hey I don’t want to be skinny, I wanna get PHAT! She’s the perfect example of great balance of muscle and femininity.

Booty Circuit:

10 step ups each leg

Backward Lunges 8x

Weighted Squats 12x

Deadlifts 12x

complete circuit, do 5x, 25 sec rest in between.


Happy workouts!




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