Hocus Pocus, Toil and Trouble, Make Me skinny on the Double!


Sorry Babycakes!  It doesn’t work that way.  No work, no results.  That’s the cold hard TRUTH.  The problem is we can spin our wheels and what is that final STRAW? What broke some camel’s back to make you finally eat healthy?  Is the the consistent weight gain week after week?  Is it that your clothes no longer fit?

Hey you’re no longer a spring chicken, but you want to be a sleek cheetah, fast, beautiful, strong and unique.  You don’t want anything to hold you back.  But really?  How bad do you want it? You’ll have surgery but you won’t diet?  Ok you don’t want it bad enough! Look it’s not your fault.  You can’t do it yourself.  You need to be held accountable to someone.  Accountable to yourself sometimes isn’t good enough.  You need a team to help you.  The cheerleaders PLUS someone to tell you what to do.  The right direction.  Ok do it your way… SOMETIMES you have to.  It’s a long hard road.  I know.  I’m did it.  I’m in it.

Once you start for REAL you will discover that nobody and no one will stop you. Do you know why?  Because it’s high stakes.  YOU want it this time, more than ever.

BUT you need direction.  Get a nutritionist involved.  You may be eating too little.  You may be eating what you think is healthy but it’s not.

Examples of BAD foods disguised as healthy:

1) Fat Free Yogurt

Problem, additives, artificial sugar, unnatural thickening agents

2) Sugar Free Soda

Loaded with artificial sweetners, chemicals, causing headaches. Oh geez it’s soda! Just don’t!

3) Whole Wheat crackers,

High sodium, processed, tastes like crap anyway

4) Fruit juice

Loaded with sugar

5) Supermarket Protein Bars

Loaded with sugar, processed, search for high quality protein bars, e.g. Quest Bars

6) Granola bars

Loaded with sugar, Highly Processed, oh boy

7) Veggie chips

Same calories as regular chips, Veggie pureee? eeks


Yeah there’s probably more.  Do the research.  Be smart.  If it’s faking to be healthy, it’s probably a fake.


No hocus pocus here.  Toodles!







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