Hawaiian Eating…Should you diet on Vacation?


I just spent 7 beeeyoootiful days in Hawaii.  I left stressed out and I’m coming back with the Aloha Spirit.  Nothing like a vacation filled palm trees, beautiful sunsets and inviting people to take the stress right out of you.

So here’s the dilemma, should you eat or not eat on your vacation?
When I posted my first picture of loco moco, I felt no guilt.  I knew that I would eat but not pig out.  Eat rationally but enjoy myself without really being on a diet.


My first 3 days of Hawaii, I did hit the gym which was okay except for the beautiful sun waiting outside for me.  What did I do right?  I was very active, I swam sometimes 4 hours in a day, took long walks in the morning, took the stairs instead of the elevator ( I was on the 6th floor).  I ate reasonably but still ate dessert.


Did I drink Mai Tai’s?  But of course.

So here’s some tips on how to eat and exercise when your on vacation:

1) Eat what you want but have only one serving

2) Walk a lot. Make it a point to walk every morning.  We took a 45 min walk (to and back) to Starbucks.

3) Still try to avoid too much carbs (don’t carb load unless you plan to swim for hours like we did)

4) If you can, hit the gym daily. (Least favorite, just find other ways to be active!)

5) We sprinted to our departing flight because we were late ( made it within 3 minutes)

6) Eat dessert especially if its unique to that place.  ( Yum malasadas!)

7) Do a little fasting: If you skip a meal, don’t worry about it.  If you have tons of activities, skipping a meal won’t hurt ya.

8)  Take a hike: Hiking’s a great way to see sights and also get your exercise in.

9) Eat local food.  Avoid commercialized food which could be more fatty.  Local food is more authentic, and probably less processed.

10)  Do fun active things: Swim, surf, play tennis, whatever!

11)  Don’t calorie count ….! After all, you are on vacation.  YOLO!

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