Run, baby, like the wind, or NOT….?


If you have no fat around your muscles, this is what you would look like.  My Idol!  Ava Cowan has always been so inspirational and motivating!  She is proof that muscles do look lean.

Recently this article came out “Why Women Should Not Run” came out by DH Kiefer.  It caused so many angry women runners to come out of there shell and defend the idea of running.  Blogs and articles everywhere stating how running is beneficial.  See link below:

I know exactly what DH Kiefer is talking about and I’m not a runner, I’m a sprinter.  None the less running has it’s benefits motivating and inspiring many to go out there, run endless marathons. Running is the first exercise that people think of to lose weight, to become fitter.  Countless people have gone from the couch, to run one mile, leading to many miles accomplishing dreams of running, doing triathlons and the like.

Is DH Kiefer wrong? No. Not entirely.  His point is geared towards a certain type of physique and that’s Ava Cowan’s figure.  A perfect figure with muscles, lean, feminine and not too skinny.  This is his opinion and he’s entitled to it.  I personally prefer Ava’s figure.

This is Joan Benoit Samuelson, 1984’s Olympic Marathon Runner.  Her physique is obvious, very lean but a different kind of lean.

What is my point then? If you want to run, then do it.  Do anything that is exercise!  Exercise is an evolution.  It’s what makes you feel good, and it depends on your goals.  If your goal is to look like Ava, then lift weights.  If your goal, is to just lose weight and run a full marathon, then run!

Benefits of Running:

1. Lose weight

2. Cardiovascular endurance

3. Runner’s high

4. Goal oriented

5. Motivating

6. Get skinny

7. Eat whatever you want

I ran for years, but now having exercised induced asthma, I had to find other ways to exercise.  Now I lift and it’s my new love ❤

Benefits of weight lifting:

1. Shape your body

2. Strength

3. 6 pack abs

4. Build a good butt

5. Balance

6. Eating clean and healthy


That’s me in the middle, motivating hill sprinting with my buds.  It’s the only thing I can do running wise and I love it!

If you run, then also lift weights or do other exercises for a well rounded physique.  I love it all!

Happy Workout!

Peace and Love


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