Tone it down in 2014, Girls and Boys, You’re Gettin’ Way Too Massively Big!


This is me, about three years ago, when I was doing tons of cardio, eating normally with no special diet, except for an occasional fasting. Read this article by Rusty Moore, the guru of getting lean not bulky.  I love his website! Check it out:

I believe that bulkiness can look great naked to some people, but if you’re short like me… it can look terrible in clothes.  Here’s the deal, I don’t want to diet all the time, but I do want to be lean and fit and healthy.  I had to re-evaluate what my goal is.

I want to achieve what is attainable for me:  Can I maintain a workout program with at least 60 minutes of cardio 6 days a week? Probably. Can I incorporate my strength training on top of that?  I guess.  I have to of course have, my no workout days, my cheat days and be committed.

What lessons did I learn from 2013:

1) If I keep going at the pace I was going at, I’ll probably go nowhere. (Eating whatever, dieting sometimes, maybe overdoing group ex, etc.

2) I learned that my straight hair can be curly!  (My sister showed me how to make our textured hair wavy by just using product. Check out…


3)  Stay away from bad people (weirdos, anyone who does any type of drugs, people who make you feel bad, and people who get into trouble a lot).

4) I have a great family that can’t be pegged by what you remember, (everyone is changing and evolving and learning).  Family truly surprised me!

How about 2014, what can I do right?

1) Exercise and eating (stay focused on your goal)  Identify what you want ( super muscular, lean with no fat, skinny with lean muscle).  In other words, don’t get caught up with the fitness hype.

2) Regroup every month to evaluate where you’re going (life wise, exercise wise, food wise).

3) Write it all down…you can think about it but the mind has this wonderful way of getting distracted and forgetting.

4)  Get positive reinforcement (pics for inspiration, pic a healthy idol, etc.)

5) Get friends that are positive, smarter than you in different ways, and diverse (You may learn something!)

6) Take breaks! Life’s to short to not enjoy it.

7) Call people you love more often and tell them you love them.

That’s it!  Don’t forget to keep it totes fun!

Happy New Year friends…

heart and soul,


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