It’s just a number, sweet cakes!


Sometimes we get caught up with numbers.  Of course we do, we are in a world of measurement where we check our weight, we keep track of our age, we define ourselves and what we are supposed to be with those numbers.

I want you to do me a favor.  Close your eyes for a minute and ignore the numbers.  Ignore the scale, ignore the age you are and ignore for a moment what the world tells you how you should be.

You are now free.  Free of the box that people put you in.  Instead do this, live in this moment.  Live in your routine.  Develop it, perfect it, and embrace it.

What do I mean?  Well, for instance your weight is a fact.  It is what you are and to change it and not get discouraged, you must do one thing.  Concentrate not on the number but concentrate on your routine.  Each day is a battle.  The routine is this:

1) Eat healthy every day.  Easier said than done.  But say to yourself, “Today, this is what I’ll eat.” It becomes a mantra, a routine, if you eat the same time, and plan your eating then you will succeed. If you don’t plan, chances are you’ll be tempted.

Here’s the other thing, some days you will fail.  It’s okay.   Allow yourself a planned fail once a week.  It’s called a cheat day. It’s good for you.

2) Exercise in some way everyday.  Get a plan.  This day I will go to boxing, and this day I will work on legs, and this day I’ll do back and shoulders and so on.  You will succeed.  Say that to yourself.

You miss a day.  It’s okay, go tomorrow, but don’t fall out of the routine.

The point is this, concentrate on your routine, and forget about the number.

Someone told you that you were to old to start exercising. Someone told you that you can’t box, or girls don’t weightlift, or you’re too fat to do anything.  Again, this is just number. Don’t let people put you in a box. Develop a world where you can go beyond the bounds that people give you. Prove them wrong.

In other words, the world wants you to be like them, to be the same, to not succeed.  Be different, be imaginative, be extraordinary.  Your world, your life, what you want.

Now, when you weigh yourself. Weigh yourself after two weeks and be pleasantly surprised because what did you concentrate on?  Your routine.

Today’s workout:

45 min. of biking

Boxing class: drills, bag work, jumps, burpees, pushups

Heart ya,


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  1. jenelle says:

    I totally agree lilitte – “Don’t let people put you in a box” This is so true about every aspect of our lives. I am happiest when i define the principles that i live by to be the best version of me.


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