Yeah I made it… and it’s good too!


I made protein banana cake with whole wheat flour, baked with Splenda, very ripe bananas and vanilla protein powder and it was deeeeelish.

Here’s the recipe I used replacing honey with splenda and adding scoops of Syntha-6 Vanilla Ice cream protein powder.

If you make your own food, chances are you will succeed in your diet. Get to eating clean recipes. Are you a member of Pinterest? Pinterest is a good way to get a wealth of information without having to spend endless hours on the internet because someone’s already done the research for you. Just do a search on “clean eating recipes” and you will see all the recipes out there.
The internet is full of eating clean recipes. What do you watch out for? Ingredients people! What’s the sugar content? Cals? Good fat as opposed to bad fat? Is their fiber? Protein?

Look for something that meets your needs:
1. Protein
2. Fiber
3. Vegetable/ fruit
4. Sugar free or low sugar content
5. No white flour
6. Gluten free (optional for some)
7. Organic (as much as possible)
8. Low glycemic

Guess what? Eating out is a social event but eating right is difficult when there are tempting choices in front of you. It can be done… But if you know yourself and you can’t be disciplined, start limiting how much you eat out.

So what’s the key?
It’s gotta be yummy.
It should be easy to make.
It should be fast to make.
It should be cost effective.

Why because if all these factors exist, chances are you will make it again.

Happy hunting!


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