I’ve Become a Purist


I know we look ridiculous in this photo.  Me and my boo… just chillin in Maui. It reminds me of the dreaminess we felt just hanging out on the hammock, soakin’ in the rays, walking, etc.

Well, I wanted to talk about being pure and we look like purists here, in the most serene sense of the word.

What does that mean?  It means we live a life of purity or at least strive for it.  That means taking out the toxicity of bad food, soda, donuts, white flour and pies right out of our diet.  It means that we actually look at the ingredients and eat fruit instead of pie, indulge in only ice cream that has just that… minimal ingredients.   We drink our Starbucks (Grrrrr, still a tumultulous relationship between me and them, which is neither here or there for you at this moment …) coffee without syrup. Now, let me just reiterate… we are attempting to be purists.  We’ve completely changed our outlook on food, giving up 90% of the time the bad stuff.  I did say 90% not 100%.  However, when we do eat cake, it’s home made or from a good bakery that cares about ingredients.  Why?  Because if we start caring about what we put in our bodies, our bodies will reward us.

And we realized what the most evil ingredients out there really are. SUGAR. Did I stutter.  It is the most delicious yet the most bad for your health, ingredient out there. And even worse it’s everywhere.  White flour is sugar, white rice, white pasta, your local pizza.  I’m talking about refined sugar… not to get confused with the sugar that comes from fruit.  Don’t stop eating your fruit.  Your fruit contains important nutrients vital to combating disease so please don’t stop eating fruit. ANYWAYZ getting sidetracked here.  Pure sugar (that’s the one thing you shouldn’t have any purity on.

We have our lean meats, lean fish with veggies … Simple.  Lean meat and veggies or brown rice. Letting the meat and seasoning enhance the flavor of rice. We’ve were always foodies, but now we are scrutinize, we avoid fast food, we want homemade, unprocessed… most of the time.

And although we are not perfect, it’s always a goal to aim high.  Right?

Let’s all aim higher.  What does that mean? Think about it.

  1.  Is it processed?
  2. Does it have weird ingredients?
  3. Is it organic?
  4. Is it whole?
  5. Is it natural?
  6. Do you know what’s in it?
  7. Is there a lot of sugar in it?
  8. Does it have white flour?

On being pure… give it a shot.

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