Snack Bible


This is a famous dessert snack among Filipino’s called Halo-Halo. Ice, coconut, tapioca, etc.  An island treat. Probably on the not healthy list, but sometimes you’ve gotta splurge.

Here’s the deal.  There are different categories for snack.  Your

  1. Daily snacks
  2. Cheating snacks
  3. YOLO snacks.

For your daily snacks, the snacks that you should be eating most of the time, you’ve gotta keep this healthy.  Whatdya mean you say? Well you know it doesn’t have to taste like crap but it’s gotta be on the healthier side. The rule is always have a protein and a fiber. Here’s some examples:

  • Banana and almond butter on a slice of wholegrain bread
  • peanut butter and an apple
  • mozzarella cheese on a brown rice cake
  • hard boiled egg and 4 multigrain crackers
  • smoked turkey, hummus on wholewheat muffin
  • tuna salad and triscuits

Ok what are cheating snacks? Just that. Cheat snacks that you have on occasion.  Once a week during cheat days and special occasions.  I don’t feel right listing this because it could be anything, so that being said, I won’t.  If you must have it then have it but it should never fall into your daily calendar. And it should be portioned enough to satisfy. Keep it small. Period.

YOLO Snacks.  The You Only Live Once Snacks.  The malasadas in Hawaii, or Halo-Halo, or the best in the world ice cream.  Life is short to not experience YOLO snacks.  Usually this snack only occurs once.  Why? Because it’s special.  Because this will be the first and only time you try it, or you only eat it when you go on vacation.


Happy Snacking!







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