The Excuse Factory: Who do we trust?

Caitlin Rice - FITNESS Inspiration! This girl's body is amazing!This is a tasteful picture of Caitlin Rice.  She’s one of my biggest idols.  Look at her she looks damn good and she worked hard to get it.  To me, she looks absolutely fantastic. She’s not to skinny, which I like.

A couple of comments on Pinterest was that this photo was photo-shopped and that she looks disproportionate.  That may or may not be true, but the truth is it’s being dismissed before the truth is even being found out. What’s interesting is that there are no negative comments from men.

In your own inner circle, how many people do you consider trustworthy?  Would they make fun of you, find ways to dismiss your talents, or are they your biggest fan? How many people want you to stay beneath them?  An even bigger question, are you one of those people trying to push people down?!!!!!  Geez, get a hold of yourself and take one long look in the mirror and slap yourself.  It’s time for self-evaluation.  Do we feel so insecure that we start a factory of excuses at the expense of others?

Competition is always good, it drives us to strive to be better, gives us motivation, taking us out of our comfort zone but there’s a fine line between constructive criticism and plain old negativity.

Signs that your inner circle is not trustworthy:

1. They schedule a dinner out with you for Saturday and Saturday comes and they text you, “Elena and I are going out, do you want to come?”  (Huh?)

2.  You notice that they can’t seem to keep a secret… airing out everyone’s dirty laundry.  E.G. “Uh, yeah, she’s got a crazy drunk father.”

3. They judge everything you do with a negative comment. People notice you’ve lost weight, and they say, “It doesn’t seem like you lost that much.  It must be all water weight.”

4. You tell them, don’t tell anyone that I’m not going to the party because you are tired.  You tell everyone… I’ve got another event to attend.  They say, “Oh she really didn’t feel like going.” (OMG! Really?!!!)

5.  They tell you, “Oh yeah… can you buy that for me?  I don’t have time.  I’ll pay you back.” They never do of course and you feel like a real sucker.  You mention it and they keep changing the subject.

6.  You lend them your best outfit, and suddenly that can’t seem to find it. (Arghhhhhh!)

7. For some reason, you are getting a lot of attention on girls/guys night out, and they keep telling you to stop flirting and that you are out of control.  The funny thing is that all you are doing is standing there.

8. They start flirting hard with you girlfriend/boyfriend/significant other.

Ok well I think you get it.  Take that poisonous person out of your life.

Signs that you are the one who is untrustworthy:

1.  You can’t help but be selfish.  You feel like if you’re not the life of the party, you’ll do anything to become it.  Like flirting with other people’s boyfriends/girlfriends.

2.  You love gossip, and the attention it gets you so you try find all the gossip you can get so that you can tell everyone what you found out.

3.  People don’t want to tell you their secrets anymore, because they found out you can’t keep one.

4. You think that people think it’s cute when you keep their stuff.  You tell them sorry but hate that they remembered that you still have it.

5.  You start noticing that you have a high turnover of friends and that nobody is returning your calls.

6.  People don’t want to go out with you anymore because they’ve been burned so much. You kept going for what you thought was the most exciting event despite your plans with friends.

7.  You start noticing that everyone becomes quiet when you walk into the room.

8.  You can’t help but say negative things to your friend that seems like they are doing better than you.

Well, if you are the untrustworthy person, I recommend you change yourself.  After all, Karma’s a beeee-atch.    Start developing this thing called empathy.  In other words, put yourself in the other persons shoes.  If you can’t change, no one can help you and your life will continue to be in disarray.

Live in harmony and take negativity out of your life.


Peace and Love,







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