Wait a Retro Minute… The Tribulations of Non-Progressive Thought


There’s a lot of classic things, I like.  I’m currently obsessed with New Balance 574s. Yes, I wear them everywhere, to the gym, at the beach, kickin’ back on a sweet summer day in a jean mini skirt,  cute jean shorts, or must bummin with my comfy jeans. It’s so damn cooooool.  I can’t wait to get it in every color.  After all, I want them all to myself, every color.  What’s a girl to do without her favorite kick backs.

My new, I mean old, uh hum… 90’s music that’s been in my head is Digable Planets “Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like That). Check it out if you don’t know them.

Digable Planets – Rebirth Of Slick (Cool Like Dat) – YouTube

Who could resist the cool ramblings of jazz/hip-hop intertwined…

Of all things I like that’s retro, I love the nostalgia.  That’s what gets me.

However, all that being said, I love modern technology, innovative thinking, and new discoveries.  That is, mind you, I love new discovery in ways of diet and health.  How many times have I heard people still spouting out the same ideas of dieting, exercise, health?  Not everyone’s a research freak like myself, comparing, and analyzing, discriminating what is obviously driven by money, commercialism and bandwagon thinking.  I’m not a doctor.  I’m a researcher.

Well, here’s some of the old traditional ways of thinking in terms of diet that are still floating out there….

1.  “You have to have six meals a day to increase your metabolism.” Diet innovators who’ve changed this way of thinking with eating one meal a day.  Read the Warrior Diet by Ori Hofmekler or check out http://www.leangains.com with guru Martin Berkhan.  He’s got a new article called,

Dirty Secrets of Intermittent Fasting Exposed.

Check it out.  And last but not least, Brad Pilon’s  Eat Stop Eat (eatstopeat.com ).  These guru’s have changed the way of thinking in terms of diet. Be creative.  What’s you’re lifestyle like? Honestly, does everyone have time fixing up six meals a day.  OMG, I used to complain about just making my lunch. And if you’ve got kids, forget it.

2. “Carbs will make you fat.”   “Webmd” which some how I trust more than Huffingpost regarding health. Yes, chocolate cake, and chips are horrible for ya.  Obvi.  Eat good carbs. In the article, Good Carbs, Bad Carbs: Why Carbohydrates Matter to You, the article states the following:

In September 2002, the National Academies Institute of Medicine recommended that people focus on getting more good carbs with fiber into their diet. The following statements are based on information given in the report:

  • To meet the body’s daily nutritional needs while minimizing risk for chronic disease, adults should get 45% to 65% of their calories from carbohydrates, 20% to 35% from fat, and 10% to 35% from protein.
  • There is only one way to get fiber — eat plant foods. Plants such as fruits and vegetables are quality carbohydrates that are loaded with fiber. Studies show an increased risk for heart disease with low-fiber diets. There is also some evidence to suggest that fiber in the diet may also help to prevent colon cancer and promote weight control.1

3. “If you eat less, you will lose weight”.  Usually, this is a temporary fix.  Remember when you were going on diet number ten, and just realized.  Crap.  I’m fatter than before.  Arghhhhh! According to the government website for the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, in the article “Guide to Behavior Change”, setting specific goals is the key to long-term change.2  In other words, don’t just go on a temporary diet, make a long-term specific change, such as committing to a specific way of eating, or exercising. Make it last, baby!

4. “If I do the elliptical every day, I will lose weight.”  I love the elliptical trainer… but using the same dang machine, day in and day out??? Booorrring.  I admit.  I did that. And guess what?  I started to hate the gym.  Not to mention, the body adapts.  It actually worked for a while, but eventually your body will adapt and the gains you previously saw start to diminish.

5. “Eat only low fat foods.”  Lots of people fall into eating low-fat foods.  Read how eating low-fat foods is not necessarily the answer.  Concentrate on good fat and stay away from packaged food labeled “low-fat”, usually with added sugar or thickeners to make it “low-fat”.3

Well, with all that said, retro your style, but don’t retro your thinking!  Keep it up!



1. Good Carbs, Bad Carbs: Why Carbohydrates Matter to You. (n.d.). Retrieved August 10, 2014, from http://www.webmd.com/food-recipes/features/carbohydrates

2. Guide to Behavior Change. (n.d.). Retrieved August 10, 2014, from http://www.nhlbi.nih.gov/health/educational/lose_wt/behavior.htm

3. Low-Fat Diet: Why Fat-Free Isn’t Trouble-Free. (n.d.). Retrieved August 10, 2014, from http://www.webmd.com/diet/low-fat-diet

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