What do you suggest, I get a new life?

I was recently talking to a friend who attended Oprah’s show.  She said it wasn’t exciting but she mentioned a few things about how your life whispers to you.  Watch the video below:


What resonated with me is that you somehow your life is whispering to you about what’s wrong and what needs to change.  Well hot damn.

My whisper is more like yelling across a long echoing hall telling me that I need to change something.

You know how it is, your going through your life and something just doesn’t feel right, you feel like crap a lot and something’s gotta give.  Do you have to wait for tragedy to happen before you start going towards your goals?  You somehow reach an impasse.  You can’t keep going on like this.

Here’s a few hints that you need to change:

1) You’re suffering.  A lot.

2) You keep daydreaming about some other life like joining the circus, or renting a trailer to travel across country.

3) You imagine yourself a different person, with different clothes sailing on a boat with huge sunglasses.

4) People are bringing you down.  Trying to keep you in the crappy life your in.

5) You’re surrounded by people that don’t “get you”.

So what do you do??? It’s your life.   It’s up to you start heading towards change.  Not age, looks, or anything can stop you except yourself.

1) Start looking for “heroes, heroines” to follow and motivate.  People that will help you towards your goal.

2) Do one thing each day that is towards your new goal.

3) Get props, pics, articles that will motivate you.

4) Surround yourself with positive people who believe in you.

5) Get away from people who will put negativity in your mind.

6) Be relentless in your pursuit.

7) Start networking, either by the internet, or personally.

8) Most importantly, don’t stop.  It takes time. Be patient and be happy that you are doing something you love.

Thanks Oprah.  Hurray for opening your mind!

The pursuit of happiness in not an easy feat but it is completely worth it!



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    What is your life telling you? Thanks https://teenybikinibody.com/ for sharing.

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