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Happy Thursday. And here’s a pic for TBT.

Tank: Lululemon, Shorts: Nike

Thursday workout.  All done 3x, and sets depending on your goal.

Circuits 1:

Squat to press, Alternating lateral lunges, Explosive switch Row, Plank on bosu, step ups

Circuit 2:

Deadlifts, Arnold punch, pushups on bosu, step ups

Circuit 3:

Plank with arms on swiss ball, barbell curl, overhead tricep extension

Boxing Class: Drills, punches, stair running, farmers on stairs, pullups, bag work.


Tank: Lululemon, athletic pants: Forever 21, shoes: HKNB New Balance


Author: Lilitte

I have always had a love for fitness. I've been a fitness junkie over the years and have learned the healthier ways of diet and exercise. As I continue to learn more I'd like to share and learn more from the public.

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