Keepin’ it Clean… On Staying Fresh


Staying fresh at the gym sometimes seems difficult.  To avoid illness, infections and bacteria, here are a few tips to keep you protected.

1) Keep extra deodorant in you gym bag.  It’s always good to have two sets just in case.  You could get mini deodorants (travel size) at any drugstore to keep.

2) Use clean gym clothes, each and every time. I know it’s easy to just use the same clothes, but if you do you are building a breeding ground for bacteria.

3) Keep a portable toothbrush in your bag. Sometimes after work, it’s hard to have time to brush, but fresh breath is good when your doing group x and have to talk to many people.

4) For us women, if you didn’t have time to wash your hair, a little dry shampoo will keep your hair from getting to greasy after the gym.

5) Shower after every work out. Some people don’t like showering at the gym (me included) so just dry yourself down with a towel until you can shower at home.

6) Deodorize shoes with deodorizer or some baby powder if you don’t have any.

7) Keep mints in your bag.

8) Keep your shoes on for yourself and for others.  You can easily catch plantar warts at the gym.  People sweat all over the floors, so to avoid staff infections or catching bacteria, keep your shoes on.

9) Clean off sweat off equipment.

10) Bring a towel.  If you want bring two towels.  Two different colors so that one you use to wipe sweat of your brow and another to use as a barrier between you and the equipment.

11) Hand sanitizer for after the gym if you don’t have time.

And that’s it!  Stay fresh ❤



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