Look Back, Look Forward…


How did you do? It’s okay.  You are a work in progress.  Imagine if you were satisfied. Content.  You’d be bored.  The change, is what you want.  All the time.  Don’t look back anymore.  It’s over.  What did you learn?

Here’s what I learned in 2014:

  1. You are the company you keep.  In other words, people will bring you down and they want you to be down with them.
  2. We have cheerleaders.  People who truly root for you without any agenda… just admiration.
  3. You have a choice.  In other words, your choices are yours and only yours and it’s up to you to recognize that and make your own decisions despite other influences.
  4. People who despite the odds, become great. Jen Selter, Michelle Phan are my new heroines this year.
  5. People are listening. Words can hurt, or help.  Choose carefully.
  6. Be mindful.  Be aware of what you do, who it affects, and why.
  7. Be a good listener.  Don’t dismiss what people are saying.  They are truly trying to tell you something and everyone appreciates a good listener.
  8. It’s not about money anymore.  It helps not to struggle, but money without meaning is just that. Meaningless.  Have a goal to influence, to bring happiness or health.
  9. Stop wasting time.  Day in and day out we waste time, spinning in our hamster cages… working, not living.
  10. Keep just the good ones.  You don’t need tons of people in your life.  I just want to keep the few good ones.
  11.  And finally.   Practice patience.

Find someone you love and just have a gelato.

❤ hearts


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