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just a girl's struggles of trying to be lean


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Groans and moans won’t get you there.  Take one hard look in the mirror.  Be truthful. Yes, re-evaluating your life every year.  It’s tough.  Remember when you realized you were an adult and you had to act accordingly?  Do it then.

Why do we not do things unless someone tells us to?  We are trained to be told.  Well, this is a way of telling yourself. Write it down and post it somewhere to remind yourself of what your goals are.

It’s time to not look back. What’s the plan? Exercise more, eat right? Be a better person? Give up some vice? I know it’s all the same cliche. Year after year. Yada, yada, yada.

Why do you make a list? Yes, You want to be loved, live with meaning, be happy. Doesn’t everyone? It takes work… that means dedication.

Time to make the lists:
What’s mine?  I’ll share, and if you want you can tell me yours.  Or at least tell someone.

1. Lose weight. I gained tons of muscle, but I don’t have the lean look I want. It’s going to take a different type of exercising. (How? Look for a structured plan.)
2. Run 3x a week every other day. 3-5 miles (I don’t want to lose too much muscle so setting some limitations with recovery times.)
3. Paint more. (My hobby.)
4. Take better pictures. (I mean more artistic….!)
5. Write better.
6. Figure out a monetary way of doing something I love.
7. Have calorie deficit days. (Specifically, eat less on days I don’t work out.)
8. Rest more. (Get more sleep!)
9. Evaluate every situation before losing your cool.
10. Make my existing relationships better by being present.
11. Don’t take it too hard and move on.
12. Practice dedication in every way.

Touchy – Feely goals:
Love, laugh, sing, dance, quality not quantity.

Take time to make a list.  What’s yours? Don’t do it in your head.  Success comes from writing it down, and seeing it.  Make 2015 a good year.  It’s up to you and tell people you love.  Good people will always support you.

Happy New Year Friends!




Author: Lilitte

I have always had a love for fitness. I've been a fitness junkie over the years and have learned the healthier ways of diet and exercise. As I continue to learn more I'd like to share and learn more from the public.

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