Hello Peeps.  Probably the longest hiatas in the history of blogging.  What can I say besides the fact that I just got distracted.

It doesn’t matter.  I’m back and I’ll try to write as much as possible to keep you up to date.  After all, we deserve it.  You deserve to hear it and I deserve to write it.

I’ve learned a lot between then and now.  I’ve learned that I’ve become the better by doing something for other people.

That being said, that’s why I’m blogging again. Nothing happens when I write for myself or do things for myself. BOOOORRRING.

For the past year and a half, I’ve been training other people in fitness.  It was exciting, motivating and also exhausting.  Mind you, I am a full time governmental accountant which requires constant learning new laws and regulations, audits, etc.  I got burnt out.  For now, I have cut back to training only at lunch time 3x a week.  That’s all I can handle for now.  Instead, I will blog.

I have to get myself back into the swing of training myself to motivate you. What’s cool is I really know what to do.  I’ve been at it for so long that I know what works and what doesn’t.

Soooooo…. my friends.  I don’t expect anyone to do this.  This is just temporary  and then when I can get back to maintenance mode, this will be tapered down.

This is the current plan:

  1. Morning: Steady state cardio … mainly to burn fat and not muscle.
  2. Mid-day:  30 min low-impact lifting cardio circuits 3x a week/ mixed in with boxing 2x a week.
  3. And finally evening training 2x a  week of what my current trainer Ricky Burk gives me from 24 hour Fitness plus boxing drills from Higley Fit (my boxing classes).
  4. Stretch all the fricken time.
  5. Eat Protein. Eat the right carbs.  Follow macros.
  6. Final Golden rule:  When exhausted, break.
  7. Saturday and Sunday limited to only Steady state and a small portion for additional glute training.

That’s it folks!  More later.



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