Transition into Health

I realized that I didn’t want to give myself a label.  Other vegans would call me a transitioning vegan.

After, six months of my health declining, I knew I had to change something and it had to be for good.

After 3 weeks of being vegan, I finally am not coughing, no sniffling, no difficulty breathing. My asthma is under control.  I would like to transition out of taking medication slowly.   I’m still trying to find a protein powder I like that’s vegan.  That’s taking time.  I’m still using one that’s got milk protein so I can’t call myself anything.  And I have to be honest on what I can handle.  I feel good. I feel really good.   Today is my birthday which is significant not because of age, but because I can change my bad habits.

For years, I was one of those people that could eat crap and still be skinny and have a six pack.  That went away, I gained about 20 pounds but was still somewhat fit.  Then I got hurt.  I had knee pain and arm pain at the same time. Tendinitis.  Physical therapy.  Say good bye to the fit girl.  My body got thicker.  No matter what I ate, nothing would change.  I was at a serious plateau.  I could eat 3000 calories worth of food and not gain weight, but if I ate 1200 I couldn’t lose it either.  I couldn’t work out at the level I was at before because injury would just reoccur.

I came to the realization that I was unhealthy. And I watched my stomach get bigger and noticed how my clothes looked and I panicked. Then my mom had a stroke, and it really made me think.  She was bedridden, she can’t walk anymore, and her personality was different.  It was the new reality and me and my family had to accept it.  It sucked.  But we kept on.

I knew my symptoms could only get worse.  After 2 bouts of steroids and antibiotics, different inhalers, several hospital visits, I wanted nothing but to be healthy.

So I researched.  I saw that someone, somewhere was cured of asthma by becoming vegan.  I know that there’s a possibility of that it wouldn’t happen, but why not give it a shot.

It’s too early to tell but let’s see.  So far I feel better and leaner.  I am going to keep going.

I’ll keep you updated.






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