How To Train Yourself not to Eat Office Snacks

Office snacks are your enemy, healthy or unhealthy.  Why?  You’ve meal prepped, thought carefully you calorie intake and there it is. Cookies next to the vegetables laid out on the table.  You tell yourself, one cookie won’t hurt.  You taste one.  It’s amazing.  You take two.  Okay that’s not bad.  You take some vegetables to even things out.  Okay I did good…you tell yourself.  Day two.  OMG there’s cheesecake on the table.  Your favorite NY cheesecake with cookie crumbs.  You take a small piece.  I’m still doing good. It’s tiny.  This goes on and, everyday you’re wondering what the next treat of the day is.

You can’t stop.  You look at the table where the snacks usually are.  There’s nothing,  You overeat to compensate your loss.  Next day.  It’s back.  You see fruit.  Ok I can do that.  But next to the fruit is chips and salsa.  You take one, two, three. You can’t stop.  You’re full of regret.  You ate 400 calories over your usual intake.  You’re gaining weight.  You tell yourself you only ate a little of this and a little of that.

Just don’t do it.  It doesn’t matter if there’s fruit, vegetables, your favorite chips and cookies.  You will always be looking at that table for more.  THAT table is derailing you from your goals.

Once you train yourself to not eat anything from that table, it gets easier.  You just won’t eat it anymore.

Don’t look, don’t touch, don’t eat it whatever it is!

Here’s some tips:

  1. Bring your own low calorie snacks
  2. Bring tiny treats of chocolate to satisfy your sweet tooth
  3. Eat your own snacks when you see that table filled
  4. Bring multigrain chips (small bag)
  5. Tell people you already ate
  6. Think about your goal
  7. Look at pictures of people you admire
  8. Read motivational articles to keep you on track
  9. Remember that people who fail want company
  10. Learn to say no

Once you keep all these tips in mind, you will learn how much will poser you really have.  Only you will take care of you.  If you tell people you are a healthier you, they will know that you don’t care for unhealthy snacks and they will stop asking you to self sabotage with them.

Keep going!





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