100 is a Good Number…

IMG_3398100 is a good number.  Why?  Because it means something.  100 represents something you’ve accomplished, you’ve reached.  It’s a target, a goal, an accomplishment.  It’s the days it took or the hours spent.

Yesterday, I completed the 100 burpee challenge.  With the help of my gym rat friends, we talked about a challenge and joked about it.  It became a reality.  The best thing about it is our determination, brought others something to shoot for.  So they joined too.  Maybe some didn’t join every single day, but the ones that did, felt motivated, inspired and most of all they did something that they didn’t think they could do.  We posted in Facebook every day how much we did.  It was five, ten, fifteen and so on… until 100.

Mind you, we did all our regular exercises.  I did circuits, others did classes, I boxed and we did 100 burpees.  My friend leading the charge has brought motivation to others. I hope that I could do the same.

The Holidays are here and so it is even more difficult than ever before to keep on tract diet wise.   What can we do? Be vigilant about exercise.  Eat right at least during the week.

Like social drinkers, I am a social eater.  My solution for the rest of the week is to not eat with others the rest of the week, to keep on track.

Here’s what you can do.

  1. Write down what you are going to eat during the week.  If you write it down than you will have a plan.  And plans are meant to work.
  2. Keep pies, desserts, cookies, ice cream and the like out of the house.
  3. Don’t eat the office goodies at all.  (If you have one taste, you will develop the habit of eating).
  4. Walk on your breaks.  If you can’t, every half hour, get up and walk all the way around something and return.
  5. If you get hungry, bring healthy snacks: nuts, protein shakes, fruit, etc.
  6. If you end up cheating, don’t give in entirely.  It’s easy to say, “Well, I’ve already cheated, I might as well keep eating.”   Don’t give up.  One cheat won’t be as bad as stopping altogether.
  7.  Exercise every day, at the same time every day.  Our body is accustomed to habits. (Take a group x class, or join a running group.)
  8. Don’t eat out with people. ( Say you want to get coffee instead.)

Remember, there is going to be Holiday parties and food will be around every day, but losing weight is a whole lot harder then putting it on.

Happiness is not in eating, but in health.

Hearts ❤


Wait a Retro Minute… The Tribulations of Non-Progressive Thought


There’s a lot of classic things, I like.  I’m currently obsessed with New Balance 574s. Yes, I wear them everywhere, to the gym, at the beach, kickin’ back on a sweet summer day in a jean mini skirt,  cute jean shorts, or must bummin with my comfy jeans. It’s so damn cooooool.  I can’t wait to get it in every color.  After all, I want them all to myself, every color.  What’s a girl to do without her favorite kick backs.

My new, I mean old, uh hum… 90’s music that’s been in my head is Digable Planets “Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like That). Check it out if you don’t know them.

Digable Planets – Rebirth Of Slick (Cool Like Dat) – YouTube

Who could resist the cool ramblings of jazz/hip-hop intertwined…

Of all things I like that’s retro, I love the nostalgia.  That’s what gets me.

However, all that being said, I love modern technology, innovative thinking, and new discoveries.  That is, mind you, I love new discovery in ways of diet and health.  How many times have I heard people still spouting out the same ideas of dieting, exercise, health?  Not everyone’s a research freak like myself, comparing, and analyzing, discriminating what is obviously driven by money, commercialism and bandwagon thinking.  I’m not a doctor.  I’m a researcher.

Well, here’s some of the old traditional ways of thinking in terms of diet that are still floating out there….

1.  “You have to have six meals a day to increase your metabolism.” Diet innovators who’ve changed this way of thinking with eating one meal a day.  Read the Warrior Diet by Ori Hofmekler or check out http://www.leangains.com with guru Martin Berkhan.  He’s got a new article called,

Dirty Secrets of Intermittent Fasting Exposed.

Check it out.  And last but not least, Brad Pilon’s  Eat Stop Eat (eatstopeat.com ).  These guru’s have changed the way of thinking in terms of diet. Be creative.  What’s you’re lifestyle like? Honestly, does everyone have time fixing up six meals a day.  OMG, I used to complain about just making my lunch. And if you’ve got kids, forget it.

2. “Carbs will make you fat.”   “Webmd” which some how I trust more than Huffingpost regarding health. Yes, chocolate cake, and chips are horrible for ya.  Obvi.  Eat good carbs. In the article, Good Carbs, Bad Carbs: Why Carbohydrates Matter to You, the article states the following:

In September 2002, the National Academies Institute of Medicine recommended that people focus on getting more good carbs with fiber into their diet. The following statements are based on information given in the report:

  • To meet the body’s daily nutritional needs while minimizing risk for chronic disease, adults should get 45% to 65% of their calories from carbohydrates, 20% to 35% from fat, and 10% to 35% from protein.
  • There is only one way to get fiber — eat plant foods. Plants such as fruits and vegetables are quality carbohydrates that are loaded with fiber. Studies show an increased risk for heart disease with low-fiber diets. There is also some evidence to suggest that fiber in the diet may also help to prevent colon cancer and promote weight control.1

3. “If you eat less, you will lose weight”.  Usually, this is a temporary fix.  Remember when you were going on diet number ten, and just realized.  Crap.  I’m fatter than before.  Arghhhhh! According to the government website for the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, in the article “Guide to Behavior Change”, setting specific goals is the key to long-term change.2  In other words, don’t just go on a temporary diet, make a long-term specific change, such as committing to a specific way of eating, or exercising. Make it last, baby!

4. “If I do the elliptical every day, I will lose weight.”  I love the elliptical trainer… but using the same dang machine, day in and day out??? Booorrring.  I admit.  I did that. And guess what?  I started to hate the gym.  Not to mention, the body adapts.  It actually worked for a while, but eventually your body will adapt and the gains you previously saw start to diminish.

5. “Eat only low fat foods.”  Lots of people fall into eating low-fat foods.  Read how eating low-fat foods is not necessarily the answer.  Concentrate on good fat and stay away from packaged food labeled “low-fat”, usually with added sugar or thickeners to make it “low-fat”.3

Well, with all that said, retro your style, but don’t retro your thinking!  Keep it up!



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Inflammation: Are you on fire?

boxerIs your body on fire?  I don’t mean literally. I’m hot all the time, and I always think of it as my body constantly at work: burning calories, fueling, cleaning, fighting all the demands that I give it from exercise, environmental pollutants, etc.  If your body is in a state of constant inflammation…actions should be taken to stop or reduce inflammation.

First, let’s define inflammation. In an article found on the website, WebMD, inflammation is described as the following:

Inflammation is a process by which the body’s white blood cells and chemicals protect us from infection with foreign substances, such as bacteria and viruses.

Let me define it without the mumbo jumbo so that I don’t lose you all. It’s your body’s way of protecting itself.  However, sometimes in the process it creates situations that you may not like.

Here are some of the examples of what inflammation can cause:

  • Acute Bronchitis
  • Acute Tonsillitis
  • Asthma (more chronic)
  • Chronic Sinusitis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis

The list goes on, but you get the point.  In a much smaller scale, inflammation can cause irritations, rashes, swelling, etc.  If it continues further and becomes chronic, it can lead to chronic disease.  Inflammation can be a result of stress, over exercising, eating processed food.

Ok the point is not to scare you but to point out that you have choices in what you eat to help fight inflammation.

Here are some inflammation fighting foods:

  1. Fish
  2. Nuts
  3. Your leafy greens! Make it dark!
  4. Tomotaoes
  5. Fruits
  6. Olive Oil
  7. Dark Chocolate
  8. Garlic

Start making better choices.  It’s your life, your health.

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Happy Eating!

Snack Bible


This is a famous dessert snack among Filipino’s called Halo-Halo. Ice, coconut, tapioca, etc.  An island treat. Probably on the not healthy list, but sometimes you’ve gotta splurge.

Here’s the deal.  There are different categories for snack.  Your

  1. Daily snacks
  2. Cheating snacks
  3. YOLO snacks.

For your daily snacks, the snacks that you should be eating most of the time, you’ve gotta keep this healthy.  Whatdya mean you say? Well you know it doesn’t have to taste like crap but it’s gotta be on the healthier side. The rule is always have a protein and a fiber. Here’s some examples:

  • Banana and almond butter on a slice of wholegrain bread
  • peanut butter and an apple
  • mozzarella cheese on a brown rice cake
  • hard boiled egg and 4 multigrain crackers
  • smoked turkey, hummus on wholewheat muffin
  • tuna salad and triscuits

Ok what are cheating snacks? Just that. Cheat snacks that you have on occasion.  Once a week during cheat days and special occasions.  I don’t feel right listing this because it could be anything, so that being said, I won’t.  If you must have it then have it but it should never fall into your daily calendar. And it should be portioned enough to satisfy. Keep it small. Period.

YOLO Snacks.  The You Only Live Once Snacks.  The malasadas in Hawaii, or Halo-Halo, or the best in the world ice cream.  Life is short to not experience YOLO snacks.  Usually this snack only occurs once.  Why? Because it’s special.  Because this will be the first and only time you try it, or you only eat it when you go on vacation.


Happy Snacking!







I Hate Veggies…


IMG_2170If this is the closest you get to eating veggies, which… it’s a super veggie burrito which has cheese, beans, rice and lettuce…Don’t!!! I think lettuce may be the only vegetable in there.  For years, I’ve tried to eat vegetables, including it in my meal, trying to eat salad, etc.  Somehow, i go back to my old ways of not eating veggies.  I pack my lunch with several servings of veggies realizing that it stays in my lunch bag uneaten.

What’s a veggie-hatin’, meat-eating girl supposed to do to get her nutrients in?  Well, I discovered green drinks!  Yes the answer to hide spinach in my smoothie. I can’t hardly taste the spinach at all.

So what’s my tip?


Don’t just drink cocktails, drink GREEN cocktails! You can mix it with skim milk, unsweetened organic almond milk, unsweetened coconut milk, water and ice.

20140524-200419-72259018.jpg For you lazy people out there, knowing what’s in your smoothie is important.  How much fruit, etc.  What does that mean?  No relying on Jamba Juice, Robek’s or whatever else is out there to make your smoothie because it will be a boatload of sugar. The fruit is for taste! Follow some of Betty Rocker’s Green smoothies.  Just add one apple to your smoothie.  See the link below for healthy low sugar smoothies. Yogurt, icecream, etc., an absolute NO!  You are trying to keep the cals low on this or you’re missing the whole point.  What do you need? A high powered blender and the right ingredients.


I’ll add a banana sometimes, and some protein.  I have a Ninja Professional Blender which will run you around a hundred bucks.  There’s the more expensive blenders like Blendtec and Vitamix but Ninja works just fine.  Mix greens first with liquid first and then add other ingredients for a smoother, less chunkie finish and wallah!  Veggies in a glass.


So what’s the take away

  1. Get a high powered blender for a smoother finish.
  2. A Veggie Super Burrito does not have vegetables.
  3. Don’t go to Jamba Juice (Drinks run up from 67 grams of sugar and higher).
  4. Add protein.
  5. Drink it daily.
  6. Make it substantial (Skim milk, unsweetened almond milk has approx. 40 cals/cup, unsweetened coconut milk).
  7. Don’t add ice cream or yogurt to keep calories lower.


  1. Health
  2. Alkalize your body
  3. Get your fiber
  4. Will keep you full preventing overeating
  5. Good for skin
  6. Disease preventing properties
  7. Tastes great


  1. http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2013/08/03/green-smoothies-nutrition/2518141/
  2. http://www.greenthickies.com/health-benefits-of-green-smoothies/

Happy drinking!





The Lazy Girl’s Clean Eating Tips

I’m pretty lazy when it comes to my diet, so I try to keep myself on track by making it easy for myself as much as possible.  That means buying ready to eat protein, veggies on the go and fruit. How do I do that you ask?

A sample of my grocery list:

  • 1 package of already cut veggies
  • 1 package of fresh cut fruit
  • salmon to go packs
  • Uncle Ben’s Brown Rice to go
  • La Tortilla Factory Low Carb Whole Wheat
  • Chicken of the Sea White Tuna in Water To-Go Cups
  • 1 package of tri-color coleslaw
  • 1 bag of small apples
  • 1 bag of small tangerines
  • 1 frozen pack of frozen veggies
  • 1 box of Power Crunch bars in triple chocolate (for a quick after workout meal)
  • 1 5 lb bottle of Syntha-6 Protein Powder in Vanilla Ice Cream Flavor
  • 1 23 oz Egg Beaters (Egg Whites)
  • One big can of tuna, low cal mayo, onion powder (for tuna salad)
  • 1 Kashi Go Lean Cereal
  • 1 Post Shredded Wheat (No Sugar)
  • Athletic Greens (Pricey but worth it)
  • One package of O.N.E. Coconut juice 4 11.2 Fl. oz cartons (This is jam packed with potassium 600+)  You gotta get the small version, because for some reason this has more potassium.
  • Whole Wheat crackers
  • 1 bottle of natural peanut butter
  • Almonds (Sea salt if you have to have salt in it, otherwise raw)

I know myself.  In the beginning, I used to try to try to cook 6 meals a day.  I was running myself ragged and I don’t even have kids.  It was ridiculous.  I knew something had to change, because if I didn’t cook a meal, I’d eat bad… like really bad.  And some days, I just didn’t feel like cooking all that.  I work a full time extremely stressful job, so eating on the go was important to keep on track.

Some things to save you time:

  1. Make tuna for the next three days.  Then you’re set for a protein snack with whole wheat crackers.  You get fiber and protein in each bite.
  2. Get Tupperware! Prepackage your fruit and veggies in Tupperware for the week.
  3. If all else fails make your protein, eat it with your brown rice and add a veggie and your set.
  4. Get a insulated big lunch bag to pack your stuff.  Get the kind you can freeze in the freezer.         http://www.amazon.com/PackIt-Freezable-Lunch-Bag-Polka/dp/B0049CVWCK/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1396937905&sr=8-1&keywords=insulated+freezable+lunch+bags
  5. Kashi cereal’s got your protein, your fiber and some calcium when you add milk.
  6. Make a shake with your protein powder and your fruit. Get the Bullet or any single serve blender. http://www.amazon.com/Hamilton-Beach-51101B-Personal-Blender/dp/B0017XHSAE/ref=sr_1_cc_1?s=aps&srs=5387591011&ie=UTF8&qid=1396938054&sr=8-1-catcorr&keywords=single+serve+blender
  7. Take your peanut butter, your whole wheat tortilla and stuff a banana in it.  A nice healthy treat.
  8. Cook a quick 5 egg omelet and add some mozzarella cheese. Cut it into 3 pieces and you’ve got a snack for the next couple days.
  9. For the super lazy, eat tuna right out of your to-go cups, put it on whole wheat crackers and apples for fiber.

You get the idea.  There’s dozens of ways to get things fast. Make it easy for yourself… don’t make it a chore.

As I’ve said before:

  1. Make it easy.
  2. Make it yummy.
  3. Make it fast.

I’m gettin’ sleepy now.  Good night my furry friends…

Peace and love,


I’ve Become a Purist


I know we look ridiculous in this photo.  Me and my boo… just chillin in Maui. It reminds me of the dreaminess we felt just hanging out on the hammock, soakin’ in the rays, walking, etc.

Well, I wanted to talk about being pure and we look like purists here, in the most serene sense of the word.

What does that mean?  It means we live a life of purity or at least strive for it.  That means taking out the toxicity of bad food, soda, donuts, white flour and pies right out of our diet.  It means that we actually look at the ingredients and eat fruit instead of pie, indulge in only ice cream that has just that… minimal ingredients.   We drink our Starbucks (Grrrrr, still a tumultulous relationship between me and them, which is neither here or there for you at this moment …) coffee without syrup. Now, let me just reiterate… we are attempting to be purists.  We’ve completely changed our outlook on food, giving up 90% of the time the bad stuff.  I did say 90% not 100%.  However, when we do eat cake, it’s home made or from a good bakery that cares about ingredients.  Why?  Because if we start caring about what we put in our bodies, our bodies will reward us.

And we realized what the most evil ingredients out there really are. SUGAR. Did I stutter.  It is the most delicious yet the most bad for your health, ingredient out there. And even worse it’s everywhere.  White flour is sugar, white rice, white pasta, your local pizza.  I’m talking about refined sugar… not to get confused with the sugar that comes from fruit.  Don’t stop eating your fruit.  Your fruit contains important nutrients vital to combating disease so please don’t stop eating fruit. ANYWAYZ getting sidetracked here.  Pure sugar (that’s the one thing you shouldn’t have any purity on.

We have our lean meats, lean fish with veggies … Simple.  Lean meat and veggies or brown rice. Letting the meat and seasoning enhance the flavor of rice. We’ve were always foodies, but now we are scrutinize, we avoid fast food, we want homemade, unprocessed… most of the time.

And although we are not perfect, it’s always a goal to aim high.  Right?

Let’s all aim higher.  What does that mean? Think about it.

  1.  Is it processed?
  2. Does it have weird ingredients?
  3. Is it organic?
  4. Is it whole?
  5. Is it natural?
  6. Do you know what’s in it?
  7. Is there a lot of sugar in it?
  8. Does it have white flour?

On being pure… give it a shot.