Metro World

Metro World, perfect for running on cold, cloudy days like today.  No photo-shopping to make my legs thinner, or my waist smaller.  I’m not a model. I’m a work in progress.  I love the feeling that filters convey. The world is full of mystery and new discoveries.  And the world is not perfect.  Be proud…

Urban Life

Sometimes urban life is difficult. Don’t forget to dream and meditate daily.

Back Away

Do it your way. After all, life’s too short to listen to someone else. ❤️ L.

Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows

Some days with this cooler weather, you start thinking about hot chocolate with marshmallows.  My favorite is Abuelita’s Mexican hot chocolate. Give yourself a break, and add some marshmallows or a cinnamon stick. Get into your yummy flannel pajamas, and curl up into your favorite chair. I like to get into my writing and research mode,…

Balance please!

Ready to rule the world in blue! Remember to always bring happiness to those around you. Happy Saturday!!!! Hearts L.

Autumn Days

Here’s to Autumn days. My outfit for a hot California autumn day. Exploring a new gym.

I wish

Lower Body Workout: Reverse Lunges, Step ups, Garhammer Raises, One legged dead lifts. Squat on Bosu ball Planks Cardio:  Walking uphill 20min before weights, Stepper 20 minutes.

Baby Cakes

Happy Thursday. And here’s a pic for TBT. Thursday workout.  All done 3x, and sets depending on your goal. Circuits 1: Squat to press, Alternating lateral lunges, Explosive switch Row, Plank on bosu, step ups Circuit 2: Deadlifts, Arnold punch, pushups on bosu, step ups Circuit 3: Plank with arms on swiss ball, barbell curl,…