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Pink is for Love

Top: Lululemon, Leggings: Old Navy

Sometimes people hate pink.  It symbolizes all that is soft and sweet and lovely.  And sometimes it’s not the color that puts the  point across.  It means that people don’t take you seriously and that you are just a delicate flower.  And other days, it is the ultra feminine color that is attractive, shy, understated brings beauty to a power suit.

And then there’s hot pink, which is bright and bold, distinct and prominent, bringing forth the feminine chic. The cool chic vibe.

Women are pink, and men wear pink to show they are unafraid.  It shows men’s muscles counteract the feminine color.

It’s okay to be feminine, to be womanly, to be bold and soft at the same time.

Pink is all of us, the ballerinas, the muscle bound, the power suit, the men that are unafraid, the willing, the delicate and the daring.

The whole thing is this: Don’t hate at all.

Hate is horrible.  It would be the only reason not to like pink.

Happy Valentine”s …  Valentines is not about couples only.  It’s for those you love: Friends, family, besties, big brothers and little sisters, siblings, and nieces, and Aunts, and Great Grandpa.  It’s for you buddy who waves hello everyday but you don’t know their name.

It’s for the friendly, the lonely, and those who want to hate but can’t because you don’t let them.

Pink is for Love.