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My First Video! Waterproof your Mascara for Hot Yoga or Spin

Hi Ladies,

I’m no beauty queen, but I’d like to share my waterproof mascara trick that looks like falsies.  Remember, it’s O.K. to be cute in the gym.  Why bother you say?

1) Because feeling good keeps you coming

2) You won’t be ashamed to to do workouts in front of people

3) It makes you look forward to coming.

4) People want to talk to you

5) It makes an awesome ice breaker (Where’d you get your outfit? How do you make your mascara stay on?)

6) It’s okay to love yourself

7) It’s not vein, it’s about self esteem

Enjoy they video!  Again, it’s rough being my first one so be kind. 🙂 Happy Sunday!