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The Training – what up?

It’s been DIFFICULT. As Ricky has gotten to know me, he has pushed, challenged, tracked, taught, and has been a relentless trainer. Although I consider myself advanced, this has been challenging.  

SELF DOUBT. We all feel this way. Ricky takes me to a level that I wouldn’t have ever reached on my own. Why?  He has a belief in me that I don’t have. He’s tough on me. And although I complain, I like it. 

Bad training days. I have it. I feel weak, like I let him down, let myself down. The frustration. I know it’s not supposed to be easy. Changing my attitude meant not talking negative. Hard for me.

The Learning: there’s so much.  My form, the movement of each exercise compared to how I used to do it is so different. New exercises that I’d be to chicken to try on my own. The power cleans. Fixing form on front squats. Concentrating on recovery. Foam rolling. The endless knots on my back, my calves, quads, traps, etc. Ricky has taught me so much.

Progress. It’s cool. I love it. I just look in the mirror. And my muscles look more defined. My abs are getting tighter. Friends are asking me what I’m doing.  “I’m training!” I tell them. 

Losing friends. This part sucks. I’ve motivated some people to start working out and I love that. Other people see it as vain. Is it vain?  Maybe. How else would we keep going, writing, creating, building without some vanity involved. We would be stagnant. It’s not vanity, it’s the will, the confidence to DO. They joke that the only food my friends eat is salad. We are strong not anorexic. I hate stereotypes. What people don’t get is that working out is the thing that makes me feel confident in a cynical world. If you don’t like me, it’s probably because you don’t get me. It hurts but I just have to move on.

I come from a family riddled with chronic illness. Partially why I’m so motivated. I have intermittent asthma that can quickly become severe seasonally. I use an inhaler every day twice a day to prevent attacks. It can’t stop me. I always have to get breathing in check to keep going. When signs of extreme exhaustion hit me like a ton of bricks, it means something is wrong. I have to keep going. 

It’s rewarding. I feel accomplished. I feel influential.

TAKEAWAY. I love training with Ricky. Not all training is good. Mine is good. Really good. I can’t stop! I want more. I’m ready to work!

Thanks for listening.




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The Best “I don’t have a gym membership”, No Equipment Exercises


Yes, I’ve heard the excuses.  You quit your gym membership.  You don’t own weights or a treadmill.  I’m going to tell you about the best compound exercises you can do on your own sans equipment.  Make a schedule.  Don’t just make it, write it in your calendar.  Every, Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6:00 I am going to do these exercises.  Choose a designated location for your workout.  You know that when you go to this designated location, you are here for one purpose: To workout.  Choose somewhere away from kids, boyfriends, and friends who may interrupt you while you are doing it.  Set aside 30 minutes.  Everyone has at least 30 minutes.  If you don’t have 30 minutes at once.  Set aside two 15 minute periods to purely do exercises.

I’m going to give you the best exercises that you can do.

1. The “Pushup”

2.  Burpees

3. Jacknife

4. Mountain Climbers

5. Walking lunges

6. Squats

7. Every version of jumping jacks

8. Planks

9. Jump Lunges

10. Pull ups or assisted pullups

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Sweet Life

Lululemon top – Yellow

What’s the sweet life? It’s swirly skies and calm water. It’s a children playing, and friends. It’s love. It’s right in front of you. Seeing good things, and finding humor and laughing. It’s your time. Make the most of it.

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Don’t knock’m down, bring’m up

richardsimmonsWell Richard the guru of aerobic fitness with all his creativeness had it down pat.  He influenced millions of people to lose weight.  Did he draw attention in his ridiculous outfit?  Yes, plus he got people to move, to exercise.

Has American changed for the better? Unfortunately not.  Even worse America, is heading towards a downward spiral into obesity.  According to the Center of Disease Control, in 2013, childhood obesity has more than doubled in children and tripled in adolescents in the past 30 years.1

What’s changed?  More process foods, less organic whole foods… The technology age is here making kids more sedentary than ever before.

What can we do?  Look at a few suggestions:

1. Play a game of basketball with your kids. (Good for you and them!)

2.  Get rid of unhealthy snacks in the house

3. Enroll them in a class: Karate, Ballet, Dance…

4. Stay away from highly processed foods

5.  Make healthy yummy lunches

6.  Be an example: Make health and exercise important to you and they will naturally be a part of it.

7.  Get rid of all sugary drinks: soda, fruit juices, etc.

8.  Keep healthy snacks around: fresh fruit, veggie trays with hummus.

9.  Start cooking healthy dinners: find healthy cookbooks.

10. Don’t fry, bake. Eat more fish and chicken.

11. Make spending time with them special through activity not food.

Remember, it all stems from us! Healthy us means healthy kids!  Happy dieting !!!


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Ok, Ok already! I admit! I need Professional Help…

Hello Friends,

It’s true… I hate to admit it… but I’ve been wrong about things.  However, that being said… trial and error need to come at your own expense.  In other words, you must experience it yourself to believe that what it is you are doing is wrong.  It’s when the chips are down and you’ve exhausted all possible avenues that you realize that all this time you’ve been spinning your wheels.  Don’t be discouraged.  THIS IS WHAT IT TAKES.  That is, the dedication, the determination, the perseverance comes from the chips being down. 

People wonder where my motivation comes from.  Why do I keep working, and striving for something better, better technique, better performance, a better physique?  It’s an inner drive that comes from accomplishing the goal. It’s not enough.  You need guidance, from the professionals, from the one’s who has not just has reached their goals, but has helped others reach that goal.  Why do you need a coach? WELL, uh, duh.. everyone is built different with different body types that reacts differently… our genetic makeup.

What the H are you talkin’ bout? Uh, fitness, diet, training, of course!

So that’s why I’ve decided to take on John Romaniello’s online fitness coaching. I’m hopeful, but determined.  Wish me luck… Officially starts the 15th of the month. I started a couple weeks sooner, revamping my diet completely to six meals a day with protein, good carbs, veggies, etc. 

I’m doing circuit training, gravity classes, boxing.

Anyway, off to a new journey of being told what to do, instead of just depending on myself.

Hyeah… cheers to the NEW JOURNEY.

Today’s workout:

Squats – 4×12

Back Lunges  – 4×12

front lunges – 4×12

deadlifts 4×12

step ups each leg 3×12

Spinning, gravity and plyos (jump squats, burpes, high knees, stairs run up and down 10x.