The Teeny Bikini Body

just a girl's struggles of trying to be lean

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Sunny Days, Sunny Ways


Nike Dri-Fit Jacket

Sometimes yellow makes me happy. Think of daffodils and sunflowers, summer and sunny days.

I think of driving down the coast against the salty wind.  The waves crash and in the distance is an orange outline blended with the yellow peaking through.  I cherish these days the most, because it reminds me that the world can be so beautiful.


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Metro World

2015/01/img_3732.jpgMetro World

Long Sleeve Dri-Fit Shirt by Reebok, perfect for running on cold, cloudy days like today.  No photo-shopping to make my legs thinner, or my waist smaller.  I’m not a model. I’m a work in progress.  I love the feeling that filters convey.

The world is full of mystery and new discoveries.  And the world is not perfect.  Be proud of who you are.  Don’t hide your flaws.  There is something to be said about being truthful.  Being real.

Today’s workout:

Sprint hill 10x

Circuit: Front, Side, Reverse lunges, Squats, Bridges

Circuit 2:  V-ups, Planks, back extensions