Back to Basics – Self-Obsession


When I was younger a no makeup selfie would have been out of the question. We live in a world of selfies, self-obsession, and an ultra-connected, scrutinizing world.  And the more that we scrutinize the celebrities, we inwardly examine ourselves, trying to determine our worth.

Maybe social media allows us to peek into other people’s lives, obsessed, envious, yet competitive.  It’s a new kind of survival of the fittest, where the “have’s” and the “have-nots” become categories.  The haves are the followed, and the have nots are followers.  We follow to be followed.

Yet here we are in our mundane lives, seeking excitement by social media.

Nonetheless, we learn, we read, we share and advancements have taken new strides. We become informed.  No more having to go to the library to read, or wait for the daily paper for yesterday’s news.  Twitter allows immediate news no matter how insignificant posted every second of the day.  We are all being watched.  You cannot commit a crime, make a fool of ourselves, be a bully to someone else in public without being photographed or filmed by phone.  We are the paparazzi.   We cannot speak freely without criticism. Hawkers of racism, inappropriateness, are waiting to tell you why what you did is wrong.

That being said, we are all going back to basics.  The “#nomakeupselfie” is a new trend to show that we are real, we are not photo-shopped, and despite the world of beauty, basic is beautiful as well.

So now what? Narcs of the world are watching and sometimes you have to realize that criticism is good to a point.  Social media keeps us in check in some ways.  Just stay away from the negators, haters, the ones that don’t hold any validity in what they say.

That being said, self-obsession has brought the shy hermits out, allowing them to express themselves with their fingertips.

Here’s some tips to keep sane:

1) Do a #nomakeupselfie

2) Ignore all haters

3) Check yourself.  Sometimes you are wrong.

4) Read, read, read. Information will keep you keen.

5) Who do you admire and why?

6) Selfies say it’s okay to love yourself

7) Always see positivity

8) Be a cheerleader

9) Never be a hater (wasted energy)

That’s it.



Metro World

2015/01/img_3732.jpgMetro World, perfect for running on cold, cloudy days like today.  No photo-shopping to make my legs thinner, or my waist smaller.  I’m not a model. I’m a work in progress.  I love the feeling that filters convey.

The world is full of mystery and new discoveries.  And the world is not perfect.  Be proud of who you are.  Don’t hide your flaws.  There is something to be said about being truthful.  Being real.

Today’s workout:

Sprint hill 10x

Circuit: Front, Side, Reverse lunges, Squats, Bridges

Circuit 2:  V-ups, Planks, back extensions

La Femme – Muscular vs. Feminine


My new girl crush is Jessica Alba.  I just so want to be her.  You know, I didn’t even care about her until I saw Sin City where she played this exotic dancer.  Somehow her dark character enveloped me… especially since lately I’ve been going through such a dark period myself.  Obsessed about her physique, I decided to do some research and found this article:

It’s a great article I thought.  Well written, getting into the nitty gritty of being slim.  As I’ve mentioned before, I have friends that are in the fitness world, entering competitions, bodybuilding, getting a low body fat, showing veins cut muscles to the extreme.  Don’t get me wrong, they look great.  In fact, they look more than great, I commend them for such great work.

However,  in the end I’d really rather look like Jessica, smooth and toned but not overly muscular.  As the article stated, it’s easy to get caught up in the pump.   I noticed I’ve been doing that lately, building muscle.  Honestly, I’d like to slim down my arms (which are getting to muscular… I can’t fit into my sleeved shirts anymore which I hate).  The only plus side is that I’ve built a nice firm round butt… which is a huge benefit and I want to keep that up.

Ohhhh the vanity.  What’s a girl to do without it. Some girls shun the vanity girls because they believe they are ostentatious, disingenuous, narcissistic. However, vanity has its place.  It forces one to love oneself.  Ohhh how dare you love yourself? What a sin, to love yourself first before others…..!!!!????  

Have you ever heard of Maslov’s hierarchy of needs?

What does it all mean?  It means that in order to reach self-actualization, you must have self-esteem but esteem doesn’t come alone.  It comes with confidence, achievement, respect of others.

Think of it this way, in the world of selfies, we must embrace who we are.  We are mothers and fathers, and daughters, teachers, students… we should promote self-esteem, because without it we become crooks and liars, and criminals.

I had this class once and we all supposed to get up and sing.  No matter how bad anybody sang, we had to clap and applaud like they were the best.  It was awesome and in the end, everyone felt great!  If only this world was more like that. 

Anyway, getting off subject a bit here.  My point is,  determine what it is you want to look like.  Be vain. Be confident. And mostly, don’t let anyone stop you.


More later friends.