Revamp it: A retrospect on the challenge of constant exercise

Hello Friends.

What to discuss.  My absence is a given.  In life, we need a break sometimes…from writing, from fitness classes, from friends.  What I found out is this: You must return from your break at some point.  Face the reality of why you are breaking, and what it is you truly need.

The problem is this.  Not everyone will understand.  Some people might get hurt… especially if your break is too long.  Here’s the other thing.  The longer you are away, the harder it is to come back.  You don’t want to miss important events, etc.  No matter what.  You can’t be selfish.  You must be there for important events in peoples lives.  That means birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, etc.

So that being said, I’m back.  In full force, ready to go rogue and fighting every step of the way.

I’ve revamped the work out.  Sometimes we get in a rut, doing the same thing day in and day out.  Sometimes progress seems slow because we can’t see it instantly.

To fight boredom, I am revamping my workout every 6 weeks now.  My workout has no limits.  On my break, I discovered that I had to completely change my routine due to my injury.  I had to be creative, finding ways to make it challenging enough without getting hurt again.

I’ve been working out since I’ve been 18 and boredom is a big thing for me.  I’ve evolved tremendously, experimenting with so many types of workouts and what the results could be.  I know my body’s strengths and limitations.

You have to look for a workout that comes close to what your needs are.  I have a series of workouts I follow from John Romaniello that I’ve been working on for a good year.  Now, I’ve completely revamped it, changed it to challenge me in different ways.  His workout plan by far the best workout plan I’ve encountered.  It’s challenging, exciting and I use it again and again.  Here’s what you do.

1.  Find a workout plan that comes close to your level of fitness.

2.  Adjust it to make it harder or easier (or if you are injured)

3.  Be limitless in your pursuit of fitness: Only you know what would challenge you.

4. Rest accordingly.  Over training can put your body to a complete hault so I take this very seriously.  If you can’t workout one day.  Don’t fret.  This is your rest day.

5.  Be consistent.  You can’t get anywhere if you are only working out once a week.  Commit to at least 3 days a week.

6.  Stop following the rules.  You have to experiment to discover what your body can do.

7.  Feed your muscle.  Make sure you are getting enough protein.  Look at your macros. Don’t starve.

8.  Cheat once a week.  It’s not do or die.  Cheating will keep yourself sane.

9.  Stop hating yourself.  Self-defeat is one of the biggest barriers of success.  Just keep going.  You may not see results, but other people do… and they will tell you.

10.  Remember: Life is a journey.  Make friends, be open, be non-critical and stop the comparisons.

That’s it.  Peace always.



My revamped workout:

Interval Sprints and Running, 3 miles 3x a week

Hill Sprints 1x/Week

Spin 1x/Week

HIIT training 1x/ Week ( box jumps, squats, etc.)

Weight training, Dynamic, Pyramids, etc. ( changing every 6 weeks)

Mixed with Boxing classes, gravity classes etc. to break things up.

Friends, groups, and like-minded people…


This is my friend Carol who I adore.  She’s in one beautiful person in my circle and she belongs there.

Recently,  I joined a fitness/diet circle and I realized that it was the wrong circle.  Why should it matter you ask?   Well it does matter?   Yes!!!!!

In this circle, that I recently joined, most of the people in the group were just starting to diet, beginning to exercise and trying to lose weight.

I’m trying to lose weight too, but this group would never understand.  I’m trying to get from 19% body fat to 15%, a difficult feet for a woman.  The lowest I’ve ever been was 17%. I already have a muscular physique and they are just beginning.

The group wanted you to post what you ate daily and what kind of exercise you did.  The diet they recommended was a 1200 calorie diet which wasn’t enough to sustain the lifestyle I had.  I work out approximately 2 1/2 hours a day with cardio and weights, six days a week.  Exercise is second nature to me.  My calorie intake has to be at least 2000 calories a day minimum.  If I started posting what I did, I would be pissing off all these people.

They were posting a 20 minute walk, and their diet was a diet that I could not realistically follow, etc.

You get my jist on this?  So I opted out. 

Friends are the same way in some ways.  If you’ve got several interests, obviously, you probably have different friends that fill that interest. I have some friends into the gym, some into art and some with similar career minded individuals.  Why is this important? Because you need people that you can bounce off ideas.  Most importantly, you must be with people that are within the same level of you in every interest that you have.

I’ll give you an example.  I have a bachelor’s degree in fine art.  I went to one of those paint by numbers and eat dinner things by Groupon for fun.  I painted in a seemingly more advanced way than most of the people because I had been painting for the past 20 years.  I understand shadow and perspective and color.  In reality, I was not painting by numbers, but by experience.  One girl asked me If I’ve done this before, and I said no because I didn’t want to be outed (and I meant the painting by numbers thing).  She seemed angry at me for some reason because she said she’s gone to a lot of those things.  I didn’t consider it a real class because it was not teaching you anything.  Anyway, again, I needed to be with people more on my level, who have been painting close to the time I have to truly learn something.

With friends, you want people at your level.  Why? I think because it’s unhealthy to be in a relationship where one person is in a lot lower level than you or you a lot lower than them unless you are in a teaching relationship.  That is not a friendship, but an agreement between teacher/student.

I always talk about the pessimists and the negators of success or sometimes they call themselves realists.  Some realists believe that their negative reality is real.  We all have these negative people in our lives and sometimes they are our parents, our brothers and sisters, our friends and our colleagues.  I believe that you must keep your distance as much as possible from them or if you have to be around them, take their advice lightly.  They can suck every last hope you have out of you. The real reality is that success is actually possible but without belief you will never get there. You have to be choosy about our friends and that includes friends that can be clingy, or possessive, or create too much unnecessary drama in your life.  Consider your time precious.  You cannot be friends with everyone and that’s it. It’s not cruel.  It’s selective and it’s your life.  Those people will find other people to hang out with.  This is a big wide world.  Remember that.  People who act like they need you are developing an unhealthy codependent relationship.

How do you start believing in success in anything if you don’t have those type of people around you?  I got a reading list for you.  Start reading some of these one at a time and start finding people close to your level… positive people.  See below:

  1. How to Win Friends and Influence People (Paperback)
    by Dale Carnegie
  2. Rich Dad, Poor Dad (Paperback)
    by Robert T. Kiyosaki
  3. The Richest Man in Babylon (Paperback)
    by George S. Clason
  4. Magic Of Thinking Big (Paperback)
    by David J. Schwartz
  5. The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: A Practical Guide to the Fulfillment of Your Dreams (Hardcover)
    by Deepak Chopra
  6. Eat That Frog!: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time (Paperback)
  7. The 80/20 Principle: The Secret to Achieving More with Less (Paperback) by Richard Koch
  8. How to Win Friends and Influence People (Paperback
    by Dale Carnegie

I know some of these might sound a little too motivational for some but maybe that’s what you need.  Think about it.  Don’t surround yourself with people who suck the life out you.  It’s your life.


Think about it.







Hocus Pocus, Toil and Trouble, Make Me skinny on the Double!


Sorry Babycakes!  It doesn’t work that way.  No work, no results.  That’s the cold hard TRUTH.  The problem is we can spin our wheels and what is that final STRAW? What broke some camel’s back to make you finally eat healthy?  Is the the consistent weight gain week after week?  Is it that your clothes no longer fit?

Hey you’re no longer a spring chicken, but you want to be a sleek cheetah, fast, beautiful, strong and unique.  You don’t want anything to hold you back.  But really?  How bad do you want it? You’ll have surgery but you won’t diet?  Ok you don’t want it bad enough! Look it’s not your fault.  You can’t do it yourself.  You need to be held accountable to someone.  Accountable to yourself sometimes isn’t good enough.  You need a team to help you.  The cheerleaders PLUS someone to tell you what to do.  The right direction.  Ok do it your way… SOMETIMES you have to.  It’s a long hard road.  I know.  I’m did it.  I’m in it.

Once you start for REAL you will discover that nobody and no one will stop you. Do you know why?  Because it’s high stakes.  YOU want it this time, more than ever.

BUT you need direction.  Get a nutritionist involved.  You may be eating too little.  You may be eating what you think is healthy but it’s not.

Examples of BAD foods disguised as healthy:

1) Fat Free Yogurt

Problem, additives, artificial sugar, unnatural thickening agents

2) Sugar Free Soda

Loaded with artificial sweetners, chemicals, causing headaches. Oh geez it’s soda! Just don’t!

3) Whole Wheat crackers,

High sodium, processed, tastes like crap anyway

4) Fruit juice

Loaded with sugar

5) Supermarket Protein Bars

Loaded with sugar, processed, search for high quality protein bars, e.g. Quest Bars

6) Granola bars

Loaded with sugar, Highly Processed, oh boy

7) Veggie chips

Same calories as regular chips, Veggie pureee? eeks


Yeah there’s probably more.  Do the research.  Be smart.  If it’s faking to be healthy, it’s probably a fake.


No hocus pocus here.  Toodles!









Now that Valentines, is coming, this is the perfect time to start doing halfsies, with your best friends, your buddies, your boo or just yourself. Watcha talking about? Well, as you can see in this pic, I planned to eat the whole dang hotdog… realistically not a good idea if your practicing my new halfsies diet. If you are like me portion control takes time and practice. If you can at least get into the habit of it, start eating half of everything you usually eat. I know I like big portions, and I’m that person that complains when restaurants give me too little. Well, enough is enough!

That’s what you gotta tell yourself. You gotta start eating half… this will be instant portion control. Now for you anorexies out there… this is NOT for you, since you are trying to increase your intake. This is for the rest of us who are foodies, food connoisseurs, who love the gargantuan meals, who love big, big, big portions. This is a sacrafice and it takes practice.

Here’s some ideas on portion control:

1. EAT HALF (Not that complicated, but the mind has to be willing) Put away the half in a to go container before you even get a chance to eat the other half.)
2. Your meat? Should be the size of a deck of cards, no more!
3. Get smaller containers, smaller bowls, eat off smaller plates, get smaller tupperware.
4. Eat a baby size portion of dessert. (You still get dessert, just not the whole dang thing)
5. SHARE! Get a friend that doesn’t mind sharing with you.
6. Make this a habit for the rest of your life! (this is not temporary, this is forever)
7. If you have to get a fast food meal, get the kids portion
8. Get mini size ice cream and yogurt portions

With all this MINI sizing, you too will be on your way to being MINI you! Here’s to easy solutions!

Walk like a dream…


Kate Moss makes walking along a sandy beach seem so wonderful. You know why? Because it is!

Walking and talking. Did you ever get on the phone and lie on the couch while talking to whoever? Next time, take your phone call outside and walk and talk for that hour. Without even thinking about it, you just got an hour walk in. (Of course, don’t forget to look both ways before crossing the street and watch for open manholes… someone actually fell into one while on their cell).

WTH? You couch potato, it is that easy! Oh come on, don’t tell me that’s hard. I’m not telling you to have a walk with weights, with an intent to kill.

The nice thing about walking is that you can meet with a friend and catch up and walk together. Walking is natural, non-bearing type of exercise with minimal stress on the bones and joints. I see the 78-year-old woman who takes her daily walks without missing a day, and still is able to keep up a good pace.

If you want to de-stress, get some sunshine in, then take a walk at your lunch break. You can walk for 30 minutes and eat your lunch for the remaining time.

I love walking more than running because it’s not something you dread, unless you’re a lover of running. I know some people who love to run. I just don’t happen to be one of them.

Here’s what’s great about walking:

1) Anyone can do it, grandma, your dog, you!

2) It’s a good de-stressor

3) You burn calories without raising cortisol levels

4) You can get some fresh air, or for you kooky people, fresh snow, fresh rain, some fog, etc.

5) You can do it anywhere, in the mall, in your office building, in the park, at the beach

6) You can catch up on some music

7) People might want to join you

8) It’s a good way to get away

9) Nobody has to know. You can throw those tennis shoes on anywhere and change them back before anyone can see them

10) You will lose weight if you do it daily

Walk every day! You will find that you can’t wait til you get that walk in! Here’s to lovin’ exercise no matter what it is!

Girl Fight


When I first joined the boxing class, it was an accident.  I thought it was kickboxing but it was boxing with gloves.  People were wrapping their hands and I almost walked out.  The boxing coach said, “Just try it.  You might like it. ”  Well I ended up loving it! 5 years later, I’m still boxing.

Why do I box? It requires technique, form and some toughness.  When I feel like the world is caving in, it’s suddenly forgotten.  And is it all goes on I feel stronger, confident, like I can take on the world.  I weave and bob, throwing a straight or nailing a right hook.   And although I’m not perfect, I continue to concentrate on technique and form.

I am conditioning my body jumping roping, crosses, double jumps, backwards, skipping one leg, flying through not skipping a beat.  As a child I loved jump rope.  I would enter contests for skipping without missing a beat.

The push ups, the bag work, I continue concentrating on blocking with each punch, thinking of the power. I throw my body into it.
Through the years, I’ve taken it for granted, going through the motions, but it reels me back in.  I reexamine my technique, my form growing, changing, demanding for more. I realize how exhausting it is, how it takes me in, making me want more, craving for that feeling.

I love this sport. I don’t compete, but I can at least pretend.

The Rough Day

We’ve all had those days… you know, the Rough Day.  Sometimes it’s not that bad, but for that day it all got to you.  You cursed the world and it cursed right back at you.

In our world, everything is affecting us in a way that is only understandable in only in our own eyes.  You  or “I” have had it that day.  And sometimes if feels like no matter what happens, nothing works out right.  You get there late, your friends ditch you, your family doesn’t understand you, the project you were working on didn’t work and you had to start all over again, you arrived to the wrong meeting place.  Whatever it may be… that day you just couldn’t laugh.  You had a furrowed brow that even Botox couldn’t erase.  You looked in the mirror and saw that sourpuss face staring back at you.  You could only pout, and you wanted to scream, or strangle someone… but being the civilized humans we are, we must endure it.  Endure the pain, the suffering, accept that day has being absolutely horrid.

And hopefully, the GOOD days are more than the BAD days.  Sometimes the bad days are about people, misunderstandings, disappointments, frustrations, miscommunications, etc.  What does pressure come from?  It comes from the inability to solve, to progress, to move.  And when there is no resolution in sight for that one ROUGH day, we feel helpless.

Sometimes, it’s just time.  We have to wait, to vent, to talk and scream, and workout to get it out.  BUT, we must get it out in some way.  For me it is all those things… to write, to talk, to scream, to workout, to box, to sprint, to give myself a self-massage and to smooth out that furrowed brow.

A Spa Day.  I’ve had probably less spa days then I can count on one hand.  Probably not enough.  I considered it a luxury, a waste, weird, some stranger massaging you, rubbing green mud on you, naked under that towel.  Maybe that’s what we need.  Someone to pamper us, to entertain us, to bring us Abuelita’s hot chocolate, cover us in rose petals and help us forget all our worries.

A good boxing session.  To hit that bag, to flurry, to bob and weave, to hit focus mitts with speed and power.

A yoga session.  The downward dog,  some tree poses, with mantras.

Aerobics.  A good cardio session to keep your heart pumping, bring yourself breathless.

Sleep.  Sometimes its best to just sleep it off.  Sleep well, wake up late, don’t plan anything in the morning, just rest.

Whatever it is, let it out somehow. We’ve all had them: The Rough Day.