A Perspective on Training Solo vs. Being Trained

Hiring a trainer. I always thought in exercise, I’ve always pushed myself harder than any trainer could. I’m a self-motivated, relentless motivator that doesn’t need help.  That being said I’ve done countless workout plans, classes, watched exercise videos. I’ve told myself… I’m an EXPERT.

Uh, wrong! Don’t let your ego ever get in the way of progress.  I needed to humble myself.  Humility is life’s way of telling you… You are not perfect. My failure is also my motivator.  Remember this: There is no end in progress. Progress is a continuous journey that does not stop. You can set mini goals for yourself so you don’t get discouraged.

I’m somewhat fit. Some people would call me very fit yet I don’t have washboard abs.  I have strong legs, the weakest lats and tri’s but I look strong. Muscle imbalances causes problems later on down the line. I had to admit it. I need help.

Soooooooo I hired Ricky from 24 Hour Fitness Sport Club. Ricky’s training is methodical, slow, heavy and technical lifting.  Difficult. I complain, he pushes me forward.  His knowledge surpasses mine by far. Somehow, I’m always out of place, in the wrong position, and he’s correcting that constantly.  He concentrates on a specific muscle so it’s important I follow.  I have a difficult time feeling comfortable with people in general, but for some reason his professionalism works.  His ability to keep me on task is good since I’m so easily distracted. Then diet.  I’m being held accountable. He’s set up my macros. I know I hate it too. Except for cheat meals which I’m allowing two cheat meals once a week, no bread, pizza, cookies, cake, crackers. I’ve planned my meals which is usually some sort of seafood with salad.  I love seafood so it’s the perfect protein for me. Why? Because I’m being measured, weighed which makes me think about everything I’m putting in my body. I’m not saying it’s easy.   For me, it’s my weak link.

Additionally, I have boxing coach Alex from Higley Fit Martial Arts who keeps me on my toes. Alex covers all my hard core intense fast training. I love the torture, the endless kicks, punches, jumps, push-ups, boxing and combos, tire lunges, and sprints.  This is constantly changing and I love the group training atmosphere.  I train with Alex about 4 -5 times a week.  Alex is also technical, and always keeps me guessing on what he has in store for me next. I love boxing and the social interaction which also keeps me competitive.

The combo of the two trainers gives me my fix. Exercise is my drug.


So here’s what I’ve figured out:

  1. You can’t do it yourself.
  2. Trainers make you work harder than yourself.
  3. You are not an expert for everything.
  4. Trainers tells you what you don’t know and can help you reach your goal.
  5. They keep you in check.
  6. They make you do things you would never do on your own.
  7. It’s way more fun with a trainer!

That’s it!   Hearts❤️❤️❤️❤️

Groupies and Drama

IMG_1499Groupies.  I’m not talking about the kind where you’re drooling over some band with your tongue hanging out wearing band t-shirts and cut-off shorts. I guess that’s what groupies are.  Let’s define:

According to Free Dictionary:

groupie [ˈgruːpɪ]


(Music / Pop Music) Slang an ardent fan of a celebrity, esp a pop star: originally, often a girl who followed the members of a pop group on tour in order to have sexual relations with them.


Now, let’s redefine it in fitness terms.  Be your own groupie, your own fan, being your own cheerleader and get friends to root for you too.  How, you say?  Get a group of people with like minded ideas about fitness, who have similar goals as yours.  Get the type of people who will root for you, not be jealous or bring you down, but the cheerleader types.  And sorry, no sex involved… if you want to progress!

Now, with this fan club develop a weekly event that you can do together.  I sprint with these people every week… additional people either come or go, but I have a great core group who applaud every effort I make.  My Groupie!

In addition to having a groupie, the other subject I’d like to address is adding DRAMA to your workouts.

Are your workouts getting stale???  Haaaa! I bet they are.  Here’s a little drama to add to your workouts.

Remember HIIT?  High Intensity Interval Training.

There are several ways you can do high intensity without equipment, mix and match, change every day.  Choose 3 exercises, and do 1 variation 5x.

  • jump roping
  • jumping jacks
  • burpees
  • side burpies
  • squat jumps
  • ski jumps
  • split jumps
  • mountain climbers
  • one legged mountain climbers

Intervals can be different variations:

30 seconds exercise, 30 seconds rest

30 seconds exercise, 15 seconds rest

60 seconds exercise, 30 seconds rest

My favorite variation is the first one but you can make it match what you prefer.  Add some drama! It’s so much more exciting that way!